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Rajpura, India (PressExposure) July 23, 2008 -- Google probably can be fooled some of the time, at least temporarily. But with its pristine reputation at stake, Google spares no effort in keeping its results clean. The aura of integrity emanating from Google has largely seeped into the SEO field, but chicanery persists in some quarters. Google still publicizes the dire story of a company called Website Results, which enjoyed a wild dot-com ride until its shady SEO practices were uncovered, and warns Webmasters even more stringently. Plenty of good SEO help is available, and the best criterion for finding good help is knowing what to avoid.

Avoid companies that contact you in a spammy way. Nearly everyone owning a domain has received a truckload of e-mail from companies claiming that they've already researched your site; your search results are pathetic; and they can yank you from oblivion to the top ten. Outlandish claims notwithstanding, you should know that if a company uses spam to get customers, it would probably use unsavory techniques to get you customers. Don't waste the visitor's time. Eliminate unnecessary clicks. Ideally, these niched keywords are reflected in each page's title, meta tags, and the text of incoming navigation links. Don't be subtle. And the text in those navigation links helps Google understand what the pages are about. Google can sweep through a well-organized site in a flash and gain an extraordinary amount of understanding about it. Each separate and topically focused page has its own name and location, so your navigation links act as incoming links to those pages, helping establish them in Google. Google loves text.

The higher you're Search Engine Rankings, particularly if you appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN, the more traffic you will see on your web site, increasing your potential to turn that traffic into revenue. We would like to warn you about highly questionable SEO practices some firm's use, while these may have short term benefits, they are ultimately destined for failure, and at a high price that may include de-listing of a web site by search engines! Tactics such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, or invisible text or links are practices that should never be used by your site. Bubbila recommends that you avoid any firm that suggests you use any of those approaches at any time.

In fact, be wary of any sort of performance-oriented assurance. An SEO company should be specific about the tasks it intends to accomplish, not the results it intends to deliver. Everyone knows what the goals are -- higher placement on search pages and more visitors -- but predicting exact results is impossible. Certainly, any promise to deliver your site into the top ten of its keywords should be treated skeptically. Great success is possible, but a promise of great success is unprofessional.

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