Are You Drifting Without a Record Label Marketing Plan?

Garner, North Carolina (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- Are you drifting without a record label marketing plan? if so you are not alone. There are many talented musicians who are doing just this, drifting from gig to gig without a record label marketing plan. If you do this you are seriously hampering your business and can even destroy your musical career. It is vital for your success to have a record label marketing plan, that you can act on immediately.

A record label marketing plan is easy to create. The best way to do this is to cut it into timeline sections. This will make it easier to handle and take action on. You should couple this record label marketing plan with goals at the end of each timeline. This will keep you focused and ready to move forward to the next objective.

Phase one: 1-3 months: You will need to take swift action to get yourself recognized. Few companies will hire an unknown, especially in the competitive world of music. You can do this in several ways. At first do gigs for friends and acquaintances. This will allow you to practice new songs and establish old favorites. Once you have broken the ice you can try for local clubs and wedding chapels. You need to be quite diverse in the early stages of your career.

Phase two: 3-6 months: As you get better known you may want to hire a promotions manager part time, to get in contact with distribution companies. This is when you will take your music career to the next level and try for some recording contracts.

Phase three: 6 months to 1 year. You may have some albums under your belt and really be taking off by now. Be sure not to get sucked under with marketing, a full time promotions manager should be able to handle all of this for you. This will leave you time to do what you do best play and enjoy your music. The money that you will be investing in your manager will be easily paid back with the extra gigs and sales you make.

It is worth bearing in mind that your progress may be a little slower or even faster than this timeline. These 3 sections are just a guideline to show you how a record label marketing plan can help you to make a successful career in music. For additional information or a sample copy, Contact:

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