Are You Frustrated Not Knowing How to Handle Your Teen?

Raleigh, North Carolina (PressExposure) January 15, 2007 -- Most parents are challenged with their child's teen years while some see it as unbearable. Christina Botto offers online and offline methods to help them survive and navigate through these confusing and exciting years. Christina has been involved with helping parents and teenagers resolve complicated issues for more than 14 years, observing and developing parenting strategies.

Her new book "Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents that Works" is based on more than 14 years of conflict resolution between parents and their teens. It provides real-life examples and a whole arsenal of effective strategies to show parents how to act and react in everyday situations.

Here are Christina Botto's top suggestions on how to build a strong relationship with your teenager:

Understand how your teenager feels: Your teenager will begin to reject all the things he relates to his childhood and being a child. He wants to be independent, but has no idea what that means or entails. Your teenager needs you now more than ever - even if he acts otherwise.

Listen to your teen: Show your teen that you are interested in his opinion and want to hear it. Seize the opportunity to find out your teenager's values, thoughts, and opinions.

Build your teen's self-confidence: Give your teen the opportunity to make small decisions. You can still monitor, but do it from a distance. A teenager who is confident in your support will think situations through more clearly. He will be less prone to peer pressure and will therefore get into less trouble than a teen who feels he must deal with everything on his own.

Help your teen to learn: As long as your teen is still living with you, you have the opportunity to help and support him. Instead of scolding or punishing him, point out what and where he went wrong and how to better handle this particular situation or task next time.

Enjoy your teenager: While we parents are set in our ways, our teenager will be able to introduce a refreshing change to our routines. Finding new ways of staying active in your teen's life will strengthen your bond while creating fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Christina continues to help parents and their teens through her website HTTP://, where parents can find her book, news for Education K-12 and College and a variety of other tools and resources for both communicating with their teen and helping parents deal with issues they are struggling with.

Interview topics: Christina Botto will explain her amazingly simple and well-proven strategies how to improve the relationship with your teenager.

Even if you think you tried everything, she can help overcome the challenges that you are facing when parenting a teenager.

She can talk about:

  • How to get your teen to communicate with you again, even if all he ever says anymore is "Nothing"
  • How to manage hot points such as clothes, driving, Internet, and other topics
  • How to diffuse an especially explosive situation through humor, flexibility, and the ability to think outside the box
  • How to understand the way your teen perceives the world
  • What you should never say to your teen
  • Why your teen needs you more than ever - even if he acts otherwise
  • And much MORE!

Christina's book Help Me With My Teenager! shows you how to handle everyday situations and improve your and your teen's life.

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