Are You Ready for Retirement? Your Credit Score has the Answer

Southfield, Michigan (PressExposure) November 11, 2009 -- Your credit score matters long after you have given up your paycheck. So before you hang up those gloves and live the life of a retiree, find out first if you are indeed ready for retirement by touching base with your credit score.

Leading Michigan financial firm, Graceful Financial Solutions (GFS), suggests that people who intend to retire should consider the status of their credit scores as they will always show up in their credit reports.

Your credit score makes up your payment history, amounts you owe, length of your credit history, types of credit used and whether you have any default payments and new credit.

Credit scores usually range from 340 to 850. The higher your score means better financing options. A credit score below 680 is already considered low and creditors use this as the primary basis for denying you credit or charging a higher interest rate.

Improving your credit score can also mean more savings for you and more chances to increase your retirement funds.

GFS founders, brothers Ryan and Earl Carruthers, have always emphasized the importance of having a good personal credit score. “It is vital to securing life’s biggest financial endeavors,” they said.

Retirement should bring more fruitful years in your life and not stress you out financially. If your credit score is yet to be restored, better start weighing your options now to boost it up for the future.

Personal credit experts like Graceful Financial Solutions offer legal services to help put your credit score on the fast track to recovery.

Reaching out with grace, GFS has helped alleviate financial concerns and changed lives by increasing credit scores, keeping businesses afloat, improving credit reports, and preventing foreclosures, among other effective financial resolutions.

Graceful Financial Solutions stands on a philosophy of honesty, optimism and a belief that with the right knowledge anyone can achieve financial success.

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About Graceful Financial Solutions

Graceful Financial Solutions offers a wide variety of financial services - credit and debt counseling, financial planning, tax preparation, certified notary services and mortgages through multiple lenders. Their flexible representatives understand and match their solutions according to the uniqueness of the needs of each individual, family or business.

Founded by brothers Ryan and Earl Carruthers, GFS began expanding relationships that changed lives. GFS was founded with the philosophy of providing independent financial advice to individuals, families as well as businesses throughout the United States. With flexible schedules, GFS Representatives are broadly equipped for financial planning, certified notary services, credit and debt counseling, and tax preparations as well as mortgages through multiple lenders. GFS is committed to helping people reach their financial goals and dreams while continuing to acquire and extend relationships.

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