Are You Worried About Viruses Harming Your Computer?

Mohali, India (PressExposure) July 23, 2008 -- Are you worried about viruses harming your computer? Are you worried that some people will steal your information? Does the pop up advertisements appear in your computer for no apparent reason? If you are worried about viruses, you need to be worried about spyware as well. If you do not want people stealing your information and you hate pop up advertisements that appear in your computer, you must hate spyware.

However, spyware enters your computer without you intending to install it. To help you avoid the damages spyware can do for you, you will need to read on. In this article, we will help you understand spyware and will help you deal with it. What is spyware? Spyware is computer software that installs in your computer without you knowing it. It may affect and intercept your interactions with your computer. It may also direct you to advertisements that you do not intend to go to.

Pop up advertisements may also irritate you, as it will continually pop up without you doing anything. Spyware is spying in your computer. It may send your profile and credit card information to third parties. It may intercept your interaction with your computer. It is not a virus but it can harm you more than a computer virus can. What do you think will people do with your credit card number? Where does spyware come from? Spyware takes a ride in freeware or shareware. Thus, if you install a freeware or a shareware, you may be installing with it a spyware. You may be agreeing to the installation by agreeing on the online agreement to install a freeware.

Spyware may also hide behind websites that you visit. By clicking a pop up advertisement, spyware may install in your computer automatically. This is specially so if you do not have firewall or if your computer setting is not set to high. You will also be unable to detect spyware if you do not have anti-spyware software in your computer. How to remove spyware? If you notice toolbar changes or that you receive many pop up advertisements in your computer, chances are you have a spyware working behind your computer. To remove spyware, you will need anti-spyware software. Check out reputable software developers and get from them anti-spyware software. Reputable software developers will have a safeguard that spyware is not in its set up. You will need this to ensure that you will be able to avoid the damages spyware can do to your computer.

Some anti-spyware software are actually spyware installation program, do not fall trap in this by only buying your software from reputable developers. How to avoid spyware installation? Avoid downloading shareware or freeware. As spyware may be riding on them. Do not open email attachments from people you do not know. Mere opening these spam mails may install spyware in your computer. Install a firewall in your computer to protect it from spyware auto-installation. Install anti-spyware software, it will detect spyware and avoid its installation to your computer. Spyware may harm you by slowing down your computer, it may also cause offensive pop ups in your computer. Worse, it can steal your information including your credit card number. Avoid this by ensuring that your computer is free of spyware. You may also set your browser's internet setting to high. This will help avoid auto-installation of unwanted software.

Viruses can be intentionally destructive and have been known to erase or corrupt file systems or abet denial of service attacks. Spyware is more interested in having the host remain healthy: a non-functional computer has neither advertising value nor revenue potential to spyware. So spyware typically remains non-destructive, unless you try to remove it. But many spyware packages are removal resistant: you may uninstall them only to find they reappear when you reboot your computer. Others modify many critical components of a computer operating system and incomplete removal often renders the computer inoperable.

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