Argus Announces VIMTrack

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) April 04, 2013 -- Argus is pleased to announce its very latest in its range of biometric innovations; VIMTrack. VIMTrack is an extension of the current product cornerstone. VIMTrack is able to integrate with third party security systems and contains many functions and features to plan, impute and track the movement and activity of prisoners. VIMTrack can also be used by inmates to access information KIOSKS, cashless vending machines, prison shops and the prison telephone system.

VIMTrack works through the use of functional zones which are used to plan trips provide mustering information and allocate schedules for prisoner movements. VIMTrack allows restrictions to be dynamically assigned to prisoner movements via the rich touch screen interface, and maintains a live record of prisoner movement in real time. This allows staff to see the prisoner in a specific location in the form of a functional area map/name in real time. Rules can be set such as phone number access/deny lists, medical notes and upcoming appointments. If the prisoner fails to reach their programmed destination on time, the workstations at the source and destination locations raise an audible and visual alarm.

-VIMTrack can interface to prisoner telephone systems via a high level interface. Access to the telephone system requires credit, an individual pin, biometric or smart card. The system checks if the dialled number and user are authenticated and authorised.

-Cashless vending machines can also be interfaced to VIMTrack using either a card reader or a biometric. Prisoners can pay for a product using the vending machine control panel and badging their card or biometric.

-VIMTrack will also monitor and maintain financial accounts for each prisoner where funds can be moved into existing prisoner records by authorised users. Prisoners can also access basic information relevant to their sentence, education, programs, appointments, court dates and financial account balance etc.

When combined with Argus state of the art Cornerstone Security and Business Operations Solution prisons now have complete governance and oversight as well as audit capability. Cornerstone incorporates the very latest features and architectural elements allowing clients to take advantage of the very latest in biometric innovations.

To find out how VIMTrack can be used in your facility please speak to one of our qualified professional consultants.

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