1st Year Anniversary - Launch Of A Brand New Author System

Hamilton, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) September 05, 2006 -- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August, 2006 / - For it's 1st year anniversary, Article99 has introduced a brand new author system, including over 400+ article categories to chose from. This new author admin system is full of tools, tutorials, and multiple ways for authors to promote their business online. Read on for specific details...

"With so many article directory copycats popping up everywhere, I wanted to set Article99 aside from the rest. The question wasn't what should I implement, it was more a factor of how. As an author myself, I took a strong look at what other websites had to offer and tried to come up with a list of specific tools and features that should be added to our system to better an authors experience with I hope authors world wide will come to appreciate our new system, and use it daily to help promote themselves, and their talents." ... says Martin Lemieux


Here are some details from the "back-end" of things: Authors can now use our system as a one-stop shop for promoting their articles online.

Article Manager:
Our new article manager allows you to perform different tasks depending on your needs, for example...

Submit Articles
View / Edit articles (Live).
View article stats (Visited/Printed/Emailed).
View pending articles.
View problem articles (Editors will send back articles that aren't formatted properly).

Article Drafts
Create / Edit drafts for later use.
Delete drafts as they go.
Submit their drafts for approval online.

Press Releases
Submit real-time press releases to (Sister site).
Press release formatting guidelines.
View press Release Directories (30 Listed - Paid & Free).
View press Release Submission Services (Approx. 20 Listed).

Article Directories ***
View over 450 article directories within our database.
View directories that registry is required.
View directories without registry required.
View directories using ArticleDashboard open source system. Submit another directory.
Download directory by (Excel Spreadsheet / Text Only / HTML Formatted).

Profile Manager:
Our new profile manager now allows you to edit information more than ever about yourself, or your business.

Profile Stats - View how many people have visited dedicated pages for your author section.
Update Contact Info.
Update Biography - Submit a full page biography with 5 active links. Upload Author Picture.
Edit Author Bio's - Manage up to 3 "Author resources boxes" to use when submitting articles.

Promote Yourself:
This new section allows you to promote different products & services within Article99.

Author Recommendations
Submit Resources - Recommend resources for our visitors online to visit.
Recommend Books - Recommend books for our visitors to read.
Submit "Quotes" - Submit "favorite quotes" that you live by.

Freelance Writing Services
Submit & Edit Services - Promote your writing services within
View Services.

Promote Your Site

Submit Your Site - This script allows you to submit to 40 different search engines & directories from the
More Search Engines - View an entire directory of search engines & directories to promote your business.

Author Tools:
We've collected some necessary tools for authors & publishers.

Author Tracking Link - Authors can now promoted their Article99 bio section and track their efforts.
Ezine Formatter - This little script will format any article to 60-65 characters wide with ease.
Keyword Tool - Authors can download this nifty little article keyword analyzer tool for better optimization.
Submission Softwares - We've detailed the top 5 article directory submission softwares for research.
Word Count Tool - This tool can tell authors their article word count & character count.
Text Editor - This is a great open source text editor we recommend that authors use.
XML Feed Builder - Authors can personalize their very own xml feed within seconds.

Author Help:
(Author Guidelines / Proper Article Format / Press Release Format / Contact Us / FAQ's / Tutorials)

Author Chat:
Authors can now chat with each other in private to discuss different issues and tips.

"As you can see, I've gone through great lengths to create an author admin section which sole purpose is to help authors with their article submission needs, and to provide authors with a full-resource section they can use daily" ... says Martin Lemieux

"Above and beyond our back-end system, I've added some key tools to the front end of to help gain a great deal of exposure to everyone, not just our popular authors." ... says Martin Lemieux


Here are some details from the "front-end" of things:
Visitors can now view articles better, and so can search engines!

New Ways To View Articles:
"Our main problem from before was how to get people & search engines going back and reading older, more hidden articles. For this problem, we've introduced 3 new ways to view articles within categories (View articles by: Newest | Oldest | Most Popular). With these new links, people can now track through some older articles as well as new ones." ... says Martin Lemieux

250 New Categories Added:
"With the introduction of 250 new categories to our list, we can finally call Article99 an "Authors Club". This massive addition now brings our total categories to 400+ categories! We hope to attract many new authors world-wide, and never turn away specialized writers from getting listed." ... says Martin Lemieux

New Editorial Picks:
"Our entire front-end now promotes a new "editors pick" featured article & main category section. Our editors will now pick "the best of the best" in order to help promote authors who deserve an extra boost in traffic, to show off their great article writing skills. This section won't only be used for the most popular authors but instead, it will give everyone a chance to showcase their talents.. We hope that authors will appreciate this new section and will strive to write those "gem articles" as I put it." ... says Martin Lemieux

Author Picture Rotator:
Our front page now rotates all authors with pictures giving every author with a picture more exposure directly from our main page, and also from our new "authors with pictures" section. An article has a lot more credibility if there's an author picture displayed within it." ... says Martin Lemieux

"In the end, I hope authors around the world consider one of the best article directories to submit to for promoting their articles, their business, and attracting many publishers online. We will continue to grow and introduce many new & exciting tools for authors to use for years to come. has grown a great deal in just a year. So far we've been able to attract over 5,000 authors, who have over 10,000+ articles live as of now.

Here are some website stats as of August, 2006: traffic rank of "50,358"
Pages per Day 43,833(Ave) - 85,213(Max)
Visits per Day 2,393(Ave) - 3,523(Max)
Hits per Day 70,432(Ave) - 114,090(Max)

" ... says Martin Lemieux

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