Artist Launches RocketHub Campaign to Raise $10,000 to Transform Her Upcoming Exhibit Into a Rock Star Experience

Rochester, New York (PressExposure) October 01, 2013 -- Rochester, NY artist, Nereida Vazquez aka Nereida From the Roc, has launched a 45-day RocketHub campaign to raise enough funds to premiere her newest exhibit, "Foxy Lady Rocks the Sky: Welcome to My Starry Night", in rock star fashion next summer to show society that art shows can be as amplified as rock concerts. The funds collected through RocketHub will be used to complete the larger-than-life pieces for the exhibit, as well as cover the event costs for one amazing Red Carpet Opening Night Party where attendees will party like rock stars, and "fuelers", as they are known on RocketHub, will receive cool rewards for their contributions.

As a struggling artist her entire life, Nereida has grown tired of the whole 'starving artist' scene. "It's as though selling your art somehow makes you a sell-out," says the artist. "I've paid my dues and now I'm ready to be a rock star in this art world. Let's face it, without artists drawing and painting portraits to immortalize people, or designing album covers, posters, flyers, t-shirts, videos, photo shoots, and magazine covers, celebrities would have a much tougher challenge conveying that rock star image. So in the end we go hand in hand, and it's time that the painter, the photographer, the graphic designer, enjoy some of that VIP status." She hopes that by premiering her solo exhibit in Hollywood style, people will see visual artists in a different light, and respect them as much as the rock stars, the rap stars, the sports stars, or the movie stars that use their creative talents to help catapult them to stardom.

Nereida's plan is to hold this event in August 2014, but in order to do it right, she is well aware that it will take more capital than an artist with limited means has. When asked has she ever attended any rock star parties, she will quickly tell you that the closest she came to one was in 2001 during NY Fashion Week. "My friend and I went to a GenArt fashion show, and the after-party was at Spa Nightclub in Manhattan which was a hot spot for celebrities at the time. I was sitting on this sofa and all of a sudden I see cameras flashing and people shoving, and then I see security rushing Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson right past me. I would say that's pretty rock star." And since one of the greatest rock icons, Jimi Hendrix, was her inspiration for this exhibit, the event will focus primarily on the one thing many people will credit to his legacy: the experience. Nereida knows that if the goal of her RocketHub campaign is met, she will be able to give her audience an experience instead of just an art show by showcasing star paintings while giving them a little star treatment.

Along with raising enough money to make this event a success, Nereida hopes that the artwork itself will generate enough media buzz to attract other cities to book the exhibit in their area. And if the RocketHub campaign exceeds its goal of $10,000, her mission is to take "Foxy Lady Rocks the Sky" on tour like any true rock star would.

About Nereida From The Roc

With more than forty years of experience, Nereida Vazquez has painted on everything from canvas, to walls, to clothing, to motorcycles, to human flesh. She has never attended art school or even taken an art class, but has always been in demand for her portrait work. For more information about her RocketHub campaign or to contribute, please visit:

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