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New York, NY (PressExposure) July 01, 2009 -- Created to address the burgeoning need for advertisers to communicate their brand and lifestyle vision to consumers while utilizing online marketplace interactivity, Point is on target to become a groundbreaking platform in digital media technology!

The workings of Point are simple--it allows advertisers to acquire and engage online consumers while retaining them indefinitely through interactive digital media. By collaborating with Point/New York, the advertiser's content is filmed in high-definition (HD) video, which allows Point to create dynamic online interactive environments that reflect the vision of the brand. But best of all, Point/New York will entice customers to explore, pause, and most importantly, shop within richly unique video.

"With Point, you can have the image not just in a basic front and back mode, but 360 degrees of it--and control that 360 degrees so it gives the viewer a virtual, tactile experience," says Point/New York co-founder Anthony Moschini. "It's like holding the product: not literally in their hand but as close to it as possible."

The Point platform will also make an instant transformative impact on the marketing side of the advertising industry via its cutting-edge analytics. "Clients will see an immediate response from Point," says Moschini. "With our technology, they will see direct results. They can see duration of customer visit time, and they can see exact purchases. So with all of this data helping to monetize their assets, Point/New York gives them direct results of their investment."

Point seamlessly blends together the concepts of data-smart spending and the evolution of dynamic online digital video content. As Point/New York co-founder Christopher McLallen says, "There needs to be a new way for smart and creative advertisers to connect with their consumers--the traditional models are not selling anymore. With Point, you can you track your brand more completely, people will be able to interact and stay with it longer, which hopefully ingrains the brand into their lexicon. So that's why Point/New York is a new model of advertising... it's a new way to connect."

About Artists and Creatives

Point/New York is a multimedia and technology production company based in New York City. Founded by producer Anthony Moschini and photographer/director Christopher McLallen in 2008, Point caters to professionals in the digital film/video, print and sound industries. The company is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for multi-platform productions to be housed in one studio while covering all services, from pre- to post-production. Point is committed to providing state-of-the-art services and technological innovation to its clients. Point Media’s website is located at

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