As the Myriad of Marketing Vehicles and Approaches Grow, There is a Transformation Occurring

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) February 23, 2011 -- As the myriad of marketing vehicles and approaches grow, there is a transformation occurring. Email, which is still considered an effective medium for lead generation, is no longer the only way to grow a prospect list. Now, implement a multi-channel integrated approach is considered the best way to reap the most benefits of any lead generation strategy. Outside of the tried and true methods to create prospects and reach customers using direct mail and tele-recruitment, there are other channels available. By building out a plan that incorporates several vehicles for lead generation, the result is a more dynamic strategy with robust results. There is the brand's website - an entry-point to engage prospects and gain customers - which is only one method. Used in tandem with a brand's website and social media sites, live events are an excellent resource to increase the number of leads and gain a return on investment.

Goals for hosting a live event vary from new product introduction to building awareness or generating prospects. If one marketing goal is to increase lead generation, then accessing all the opportunities of a live event is important. For instance, new product launches typically require an out of the box strategy to first generate word-of-mouth, and then generate leads. One option to start the buzz going is to create an event-specific page on a social media site, add a contest to get people engaged, and build up content across the net. But, that is only online, on the web. What happens after the buzz has started, and how do you get your newly created audience contact information?

Most event planners today understand that mining the viral nature of social media during an event is an important component of achieving marketing goals. There are several twitter apps out there for retweeting in real time, which is great for engagement and awareness, however this does not generate leads, more specifically, qualified leads. Event vendors, like Keshot, has added a social media feature to their products. Directly from the event, attendees are able to not only take digital images (video or photo) from the photo booth, but also email it to themselves and download it to their personal Facebook page or the events fan page - completing a circle of social engagement marketing. The instant an attendee offers their contact information, this qualifies them as a lead opportunity, one that has already had a conversation about the brand/product, or experienced it first-hand while at the event.

Keeping the lead fresh is the last step. After the event, the onus is on the sales team to follow-up on the lead, and the marketing team to continue engaging in conversations with the lead to take them further along in the purchasing process. These are critical steps in lead generation. Without the follow through, the leads interest could wane causing a missed opportunity. The focus is now generating quality leads and engaging buyers in meaningful dialogue. By adopting a strategic mindset and using resources effectively, organizations can transform lead generation results to greatly improve their impact on revenue.

Implementing a well-thought out strategy will deliver on our goals - this is true for any campaign. No one approach should act as the 'be all and end all' for lead generation, take care to constantly integrate best mix media. With a multi-channel approach, focus on the goal at every touch point, both online and offline, and remain clear that a campaign can start with awareness to facilitate an increase in prospects.

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