Astronomical Energy, Value, and Lifestyles

Charleston, SC (PressExposure) January 29, 2012 -- Newly published graduate student in Personality with a master's degree in Higher Education, and a background in the physical sciences, asserts that oceans, rather than oil reservoirs, store the fuel of the future - hydrogen gas. He proclaims that enormous solar powered mechanisms will be capable of extracting the hydrogen from the water, and that this power will provide the energy needs of the international community.

The book describes what it will be like to have unlimited energy resources and how the business meaning of value will change. It describes the transition from an oil based international energy economy to a solar powered hydrogen based economy will be like.

It points out that if 'the big lie' exists, it is that value is decreasing more and more on the Earth, and we are using up all our resources. This is simply not true. Not only that, but the opposite is the real truth.

The book is a series of essays, satires, and other writings related to the impact of such powerful astronomical forces on the international economy, and on our daily lives as we travel along the road to unlimited energy resources and value.

It describes the impact that so much new wealth will have on things like aging, economics, foreign relations, medicine, disease, mental disorders, qualities of lives, national politics, and social needs, for examples.

The poor, the rich, and everyone in between will benefit. There will be a steadily growing economy, without uncontrollable and catastrophic "ups and downs", resulting in a steadily growing tax base for governments, providing for more social needs in better ways.

The author wants readers come away from reading the book with a sense that future generations will have economic security. He wants them to think to themselves "Why hasn't anybody thought of this before, or done it yet?"

Iceland, and some European countries, are now using hydrogen as a significant source of power, and "the hydrogen economy" is a subject of academic and business attentions, and related actions, by evidences.


My name is Horace W. Crosby, Jr., M.Ed.

This press release describes how to produce a surplus of energy, and the profound effects it will have on the quality of life of a person in general, and on the person's ability to choose different lifestyles.

What will the world be like with so much energy available?

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