Athlete Travels into the Supernatural: Author Shares Spellbinding Adventures into the Higher Realms

Bloomington, Minnesota (PressExposure) March 11, 2012 -- Many people long to break out of the mainstream mold, experience the world with new vision and gain a greater sense of purpose. In his new ebook, The Heart of Viracocha Hautun: A Jock's Journey of Enlightenment (now available through, Steve Haney reveals how he left a successful high school coaching career to reach incredible heights on an extended mystical journey.

The story begins at the foot of the majestic Apu Ausangate in the Peruvian Andes. As Haney steps out of his tent into the middle of a flawless night, he gazes in awe at his surroundings. From here, he takes readers to the beginning of his long, rocky and revealing path to reach this magical point.

As a young man, Haney discovered his athletic prowess and excelled at football, eventually becoming a successful high school coach. The book traces from his playing days to his career at an inner-city school, during which he becomes involved with a beautiful, African-American woman, Jamie, who jump-starts his path to spiritual enlightenment.

A trip to a Hopi mesa in the Southwest brings Jamie and Haney into contact with Dr. Enrique Andujar, who plays a vital role in Haney's mystical journey. Ensuing adventures, guided by Andujar, test Haney's physical and mental limits, which initiate a rift between him and Jamie. This chasm grows wider as Haney pursues a deeper search for spirituality with Andujar.

The once firmly established athlete leaves Minnesota behind and begins an apprenticeship with his shaman mentor. After a brief and lively stay in Palm Beach, FL, the two leave for Peru to guide others on mystical journeys into the revered Machu Pichu and other high, holy places of the Inca. After returning from Peru, he plays a part in bringing the Q'eros Elders to America in fulfillment of their prophecies. Thirteen years later, Haney returns to journey with and receive the Rites of Passage from the High Shaman of Q'eros, Don Humberto Soncco. Along the way, Haney encounters eye-opening and mind-blowing experiences. From the Q'eros elders and shaman to powerful shamanic ceremonies called Despachos and Karpays to breathtaking natural beauty, each aspect of his adventure blesses him with an even more empowered, blissful awareness. The various groups he mingles with also have their fair share of fun with pranks and wild parties waiting around unexpected corners.

Haney's writing is as full of energy and enlightenment as the man himself. An incredible foray into the mystical side of life, The Heart of Viracocha Hautun takes readers to a magical plane that awaits discovery for all who are willing to open their minds.

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