Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney Creates Blog

Atlanta, Georgia (PressExposure) February 06, 2011 -- With individuals getting hurt by insurance companies, a new resource exists to turn the tables. Insurance companies, according to reports, spend millions of dollars learning how to influence the unknowing into making poor financial decisions.

An Atlanta injury attorney is looking to change that. Attorney Joseph P. McClelland, III has created a new website and blog to teach about legal rights in personal injury and Georgia wrongful death cases. Mr. McClelland is a Georgia and New York licensed attorney located in Atlanta, Georgia.

"I was amazed early in my career how little I knew about my own car insurance policy. I had gone to college. I had graduated law school. But, I did not even know what was in my insurance policy. There is a void of information. I was even slightly embarrassed that I didn't know that I was not properly covered. I had made some good lucky decisions, but overall they were just guesses. I also had a helpful insurance agent before I learned that she was good at her job. Even after practicing law for over a decade, I find myself with more than one legal book open on my desk. That is just part of the game, and further explanation of the difficulty surrounding the job."

Mr. McClelland has already written almost two hundred pages on various wrongful death and personal injury topics that effect residents of Georgia. Issues of medical payment insurance policies are discussed, as well as uninsured motorist coverage. Issues of negotiating settlements with the insurance company and how they like to trick consumers are covered. Many people attempt to handle their own case. In doing this, they reveal what they should not. They also turn over all of their medical information to the opposing side. All of which are mistakes, according to Mr. McClelland.

"I really hope that people can read these articles and get a feel of the importance of their next steps. They are going up against professionals. This is not an arena for the unprepared. I want people to get justice regardless of that comes through my office or not. I want what is best, and what is best is fairness."

If you are interested in reading more, see what the Atlanta Injury Attorney has written for more information.

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