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Bunbury, Australia (PressExposure) June 23, 2009 -- How to get traffic to your site is the golden key to unlock the massive money making potential of the internet. So how do you get people to click through to your website? There are multiple ways to do this.

One way is to write articles like this, and include a link at the bottom in the bio box.

Free advertising. There are many free advertising sites on the net where you can put up your ad free.

Ezines. These are online magazines where you can submit your classified ads.

Banner exchanges. These are advertising sites where you can upload a banner ad from your site in exchange for displaying someone else's banner on your site.

Mailing lists. You can sign up with a list owner and have your ad sent out to hundreds, or thousands of recipients who are members.

Paid advertising such as Google AdWords.

All of the above methods require you to sign up and create an account. With most of the free ones you will receive hundreds of emails in return. Beware of the fact that if you join a membership in any of these type of advertising methods, you will be asked to provide an email address, so you can receive the return emails. It is usually a good idea to sign up with Google mail to get a web based mail address, then use this for all your traffic related signups.

The reason for this is that you go to Google's website to check your mail rather than having the flood of return ads you will get coming into your normal personal email box and being mixed with all of your personal mail. This allows you to manage this whole thing more easily.

Most of the free methods will generate some traffic for you. The amounts vary greatly, but the most traffic is generated by the paid services such as Google AdWords, mentioned above. With this method you "Pay Per Click". This means that you write a small ad, then bid on the keywords in the ad. The higher you bid, the higher Google will rank your ad on the pages returned when someone does a search.

If a searcher sees your ad and clicks on it to be taken to your sales page, you are charged for that "click through". This can generate large amounts of traffic, but BE AWARE. This can also quickly mount up to a bill of many hundreds of dollars.

The sales page of the product you are trying to sell may only have a sales rate of 1 to 2 percent. So even if you get hundreds of "click through's", you may only get I or 2 sales worth $40 OR $50, WITH A Pay Per Click bill of hundreds.

So What is the answer?

Like you, I have spent many months and years, trying to promote affiliate products to make a little income. Due to a very limited budget, I have always used the "Free" services for this. Most of these end up costing you money anyway, because they charge to promote your ad to a "Higher Level", or to "Hundreds more sites". In the end you have accounts with numerous services all costing a few dollars a month, and only generating a few hundred clicks. You may get one or two sales or none at all.

If you were going to invest in a Fast Food Franchise, you would research the records for the previous year, or years to a certain the profitability of the business. This is factored into the sales price. It would be normal to pay quarter to half a million for a good business well located near a main road or highway with large amounts of traffic. This results in a high percentage of that traffic coming into the store as customers.

Normally you would employ experts in the field to do the research and to provide you with accurate figures before committing to the investment. You would be willing to borrow the funds to invest if the profit covered the repayments for the loan, wages and running costs, while still returning enough profit for you to live well above the basic wage level. So it is with an internet business.

To own an online business which produces long term regular income requires the investment of more than a few ten dollar advertising accounts. It should be looked at as would any other business investment. You will need the advice of experts who have a proven track record in the same business. You will need a system that keeps you on the right track, and keeps you focused so as to prevent wasting time and money. You will need ongoing support, available around the clock, and an email contact with the expert helping you.

If you were to add up all the costs involved with trying to do it yourself over the years, it can easily add up to thousands of dollars for little or no gain. You must view your internet business like any other. You need to be willing to invest a reasonable amount of money, then put in the hours. Work at it as you would if you had bought a franchise.

The difference with an internet business is that once you get it running, it tends to get easier, and requires less hours in the day. A good system can be automated to do most of the work for you, then duplicated to reproduce those results multiple times over.

Imagine having a 3 minute commute to work, ( From the bedroom to the computer room ). No travelling in peak hour traffic or on public transport. No dealing with difficult co-workers, or bosses. Never even having to leave home to do business. No staff to worry about.

All the equipment you need you are using to read this article, ( A p.c. or laptop, and an internet connection ).

Are you ready to begin?

Are you serious enough to treat it like a real business?

Are you ready to invest some money? ( Definitely not thousands of dollars, but not those tens and twenties ). show you how to do it starting today. Don't waste any more time. Let me introduce you to a teacher / mentor who has made millions running his own internet based business and is willing to show you how to do the same.

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