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South Burlington, Vermont (PressExposure) May 26, 2009 -- At last count there were 5,728,422 zillion websites offering advice on, well... websites. Or more specifically, e-commerce websites, and how to sell more successfully on the Internet. About half of them are hosted by guys with "Dr." in their titles or lots of letters after their name, and they take about half an hour to make a single point. Or one has to pre-register on Tuesday to be able to call in on Thursday for the drone-on Part III of the Webinar skipped last month. Folks with real work to do have a problem with such sites.

Another 45% of web advice sites seem to be just pure "opinion". Like, "Try this tactic because my cousin tried it on his site and got three responses instantly", (though two turned out to be from his mother.)

But there's hope. Of the remaining 5% of web marketing advice sites, there are actually several that are excellent. A hot new favorite among the web community and Twittersphere is Amy Africa's Qlog: Here are a few of the reasons why:

She Knows Her Stuff -- a Lot of Stuff. Amy is the founder of a prestigious usability group that regularly reviews performance results from hundreds of companies. She is also an ongoing consultant to many highly successful web marketers -- marketers who test, so they know what works from real results. (Amy comes from a direct marketing background, which means she tests and measures and tests again.)

She'll Talk About What Her Readers Want to Talk About. Many sites simply talk about their "subject of the day." If it has nothing to do with what anyone really wants to learn, tough nouggies. Not only does Amy's site list topics like analytics, conversion, creative, email marketing, navigation, SEO/SEM, shopping carts, etc, but there's a place to click on "Ask Amy" to ask her a specific question. (She replies to questions from Twitter as well.)

She's a Hoot! One thing about her answers, though. She, er, speaks her mind. If someone is doing something stupid on their site, she'll definitely let them know. She can be wicked, but also wicked funny in the process. Anyone who has seen her answering questions at one of her many speaking engagements around the globe knows that even the folks who who get their sites ripped apart leave with smiles on their faces and generally come back for more. She's not afraid to name names, and call it as she sees it. Like Amy, her site has an "attitude," but that's what makes it so readable.

The Tips are Golden. There aren't a lot of generalities on Amy's site. The posts are about things that don't work and things that do ("Have a Guest Checkout Entry Page on Your Shopping Cart") and why ("Even if guests abandon -- as over half typically do during checkout, you'll have captured their email address.") And there's no need to plow through 6 pages of worthless fluff in the process. In addition, a fair number of Amy's blogs and articles for other publications and marketing websites will be archived on her site. There are a lot of hidden gems like why companies should measure DTS (Days to Sale), and thus learn to time trigger emails better for higher conversion.

Check it out. Any time that mere web-mortals get to tap into a seemingly infinitely web-brain like this, it's a help. When it's fun, too, how can one lose?

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