Attraction Marketing Strategy - Frank Demming Teaches MLM Business Owners to Think Differently and Raise Their Income

Potomac, MD (PressExposure) May 15, 2009 -- Frank Demming and his Attraction Marketing Strategy [] has a message for MLM business owners. He wants them to stop throwing away all those valuable leads, and stop wasting time recruiting people who aren’t interested in joining the MLM. Frank teaches Internet Marketing and provides the education and tools an MLM business owner needs regardless of the chosen MLM system they are a part of.

Frank hopes to improve the overall success ratio of MLM Millionaires to MLM moderates. He hopes to accomplish that ratio change through training and education and by flipping the typical approach to marketing that MLM business owner’s use. Most MLM companies and their approach is basically the same. Most MLM business owners promote their business and the features in the specific MLM Marketing Plan. Most people in any given MLM never reach the success they desired and were subtly promised in the initial pitch. “They are pitching,” according to Frank Demming, “the business and its features, but this is not what their customers want.”

The Attraction Marketing Strategy has developed a different approach. This approach has been shown to help MLM business owners break from the pack and obtain the results desired to bring in the cash and grow the MLM business. The Attraction Marketing Strategy has four major tenants that Frank Demming teaches:

Attraction Marketing Strategy Part One is to learn to think differently. Most MLM companies try to have the business owner “sell the product”. They put little investment in marketing as a system. Numerous studies and authors in sales however will point out that no one likes to be “sold” anything. They just want to buy. Learning how to position the MLM business where people buy is part of learning and then applying the Attraction Marketing Strategy. According to Frank, the first part of the Attraction Network Marketing Strategy is about getting qualified leads - generating systems that automatically market/promote the MLM business

Attraction Marketing Strategy Part Two is about how to avoid the costly mistake of throwing away perfectly good money doing the wrong type of promotion. When part one of the Attraction Marketing Strategy is working and the MLM business has a steady stream of leads for an opportunity, 95-97% of these leads never purchase the product or service (MLM system). Normal MLM Marketing Plans would ignore these and discard them as “dead leads”. The Attraction Marketing Strategy Part Two teaches the MLM business owner how to “convert” those leads into purchasing customers, even though they didn’t buy the actual MLM business.

Attraction Marketing Strategy Part Three takes the previous two parts and ensures that they work as a continuous system and generate new, fresh and qualified leads every day. Closing the sale or converting the prospect into a new member in the MLM involves specific set of steps. Frank Demming points out that even a simple “numbers game” where the MLM business owner might only convert 3% of the leads benefits since 3% of 10,000 (300 buying customers) is a much higher level of success than 3% of 100 (3 buying customers). The MLM business owner has to have a continuous supply of leads if they expect to be in business for any length of time.

Attraction Network Marketing Strategy Part Four is to put the MLM or other business on autopilot. Just like an airplane that flies itself on autopilot after the captain and co-pilot take off, get the plane in the air and get it to a stable state of flying. Attraction Marketing Strategy Part Four is applied only after completing the first three Attraction Network Marketing Strategies. Prior to getting the first three parts operating, the business requires hands-on manipulation (like the pilot getting the airplane into the air). Once the first three parts are fully implemented, Part 4 automates the business and frees up the MLM business owners to do other things (a true measure of wealth, according to many experts).

New MLM and online business opportunities appear almost daily. Many of these opportunities promise to deliver income to the would-be business owner with product ideas they want to sell and offers of “building a team”. According to Frank Demming, however, “the MLM Marketing Plan associated with these businesses is insufficient by itself to produce the type of results that most people hope to achieve.” Frank developed his Attraction Marketing for the network marketer strategy to cover the gaps in approach and marketing and to provide all the skills and tools required to achieve the goals and dreams of the MLM business owner.

About Demming, Inc.

Frank Demming is a former burned-out corporate America Senior Manager who decided to pursue a home-based business to find financial freedom. Today, Frank is enjoying success with his online attraction network marketing program and has gone through a certification process to help others be able to find education to help them succeed. He has since developed the Attraction Marketing Strategy program to continue to help entrepreneurs. For more information on the Attraction Marketing Strategy and Frank Demming, visit Frank's website at []

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