Austhink Software Eases the Headache of Business Decision-Making with bCisive

Melbourne, Victoria Australia (PressExposure) April 23, 2008 -- Austhink Software is delighted to announce the release of bCisiveâ„¢, its new product for making workplace decisions more easily.

Decision making is something business managers must do every day, and timely, well-considered decisions are what drives enterprise productivity and success. But in today’s information-rich, time-poor business world, decision making can get complicated, stressful and time consuming. "bCisive™ addresses the problems often encountered in traditional, informal decision-making processes," says Austhink CEO Tim van Gelder. "Creating decision maps with bCisive™ helps you organise options and arguments, think more clearly about the problem and collaborate more effectively. Ultimately, bCisive™ can help you save time and effort, be more confident about decisions and improve 'buy in' around them. By reducing decision-related stress, it might even help you live longer!"

Austhink, which secured second-round funding of AU$4.1m last November, already has an international customer base for its critical-thinking development software Rationaleâ„¢. Gary Mink, Austhink's Head of Sales and Marketing, is excited about the addition of bCisiveâ„¢ to Austhink's product lineup, saying that bCisiveâ„¢ is a first for the business community. "It's a simple, elegant solution that fills a real gap in the market," he says. "It's the only software tool specifically designed to use business decision mapping techniques to help make decisions simpler. A bCisiveâ„¢ map also forms a concrete record of the reasoning behind a decision, making it easier to make your case to management, and improving accountability."

Early feedback on bCisiveâ„¢ has been very positive. Edward Keelan of KorteQ Ltd hails it as "a great tool that helps to show quickly and intuitively the decision making process". Bijingo CEO Craig Pope says "I thought it was the simplest interface to software I have ever seen."

bCisiveâ„¢ is available to download as a free 30-day trial or to purchase from []. The website also features a tour of bCisiveâ„¢'s highlights, and other resources about bCisiveâ„¢ and decision mapping.

About Austhink Software

Austhink Software is one of two Australian companies trading under the Austhink banner. Austhink Software was founded in 2004 with the mission of creating the world's leading software for critical thinking and decision making. In its software it uses argument mapping, a technique which has been shown in extensive research to be very effective in building critical thinking skills.

First-round funding was sought in 2005 to support product development and market readiness for Rationaleâ„¢, designed to accelerate the development of rigorous critical thinking and communication skills in the education sector. Second-round funding secured in 2007 is being used to continue the development of bCisiveâ„¢, implement international sales and marketing initiatives, and begin the development of a web-based solution.

About Austhink Software

Austhink Software

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