Austin Bankruptcy Attorney CLAY A BUTLER & RAND E ZUMWALT Provides Bankruptcy Services

Austin, Texas (PressExposure) July 13, 2009 -- Austin bankruptcy attorney CLAY A. BUTLER & RAND E. ZUMWALT practice focuses on bankruptcy and cases related to foreclosure. They explain the need of bankruptcy lawyer in filling the case according to chapter 7 & chapter 13.’

According to a study done by American bankruptcy Institute, the percentage of consumers filling bankruptcy and foreclosure cases has increased to 27% in 2008 as compared to the same period in 2007. The same increment can be easily felt in Austin city. With increase in pricing of daily products like gas and food, most percentage of people does not have other option than filing a bankruptcy protection.

Desperate efforts are made to avoid foreclosure which has ultimately leaded to a spike in Austin bankruptcy cases. CLAY A. BUTLER says, ‘the chapter 13 is mainly intended to save a person’s house from foreclosure as well to reinstate the mortgage. However the law remains valid for a resident as long as the sheriff’s sale. “

The resident can file the case under chapter 7 and chapter 13 to surrender their house and to hand over the money to creditors.

“The codes in chapter might be difficult to understand by any individual suffering from financial crisis but with the Austin bankruptcy lawyer, the bankrupt person can lessen the stress”, RAND E. ZUMWALT said.

When the situation get worsen then only people step ahead and discovers an Austin bankruptcy lawyer. In present time when business world tycoons are finding it hard to survive, the bankrupt lawyer in Austin is coming into action.

“An Austin bankruptcy lawyer can help the debtor to reestablish his dreams.” RAND E. ZUMWALT said.

In Austin, there were about thousands of bankruptcy filled by the local people and this was around 17.5% more as compared to last year. Researching is still more important before you handover your finance figures.

“In general, there are numerous bankruptcy lawyers hawking their services over the internet or offline. The best thing is to do homework for finding the best of them. Austin bankruptcy lawyer needs to be registered with the local government and experience is most important thing.” CLAY A. BUTLER said.

Not many people know that there are several lawyers who specialize in their field and bankruptcy lawyers are only the one who can handle bankruptcy cases quite easily. Handling your financial figures to a newbie would help you to dig the hole further more.

“The cases related to chapter 7 and chapter 13 are increasing day by day and the main reason is the increasing burden of household debt, credit card bills, mortgage problems and hike in fuel and food prices.” said CLAY A. BUTLER. Mr. ZUMWALT emphasized on consulting a bankruptcy lawyer in Austin before taking any decision.

The lawyer needs to understand your case and if you want him to file a case to prevent foreclosure then he should be clever enough to turn the table on opponents.

He might ask some question from you and with those he investigates and finds out some precious points which are capable to drag the foreclosure for another 10 years.

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