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Austin, Texas (PressExposure) July 10, 2008 -- provides good information on Scorpions and what you can do to prevent infestations in your home. It gives facts on Scorpions and their habits, likes and dislikes. Seek Scorpion Control in Austin, Texas today.

Scorpions live in the desert. Unlike what most people think, Scorpions are actually related to spiders because they are both Arachnids. Scorpions are different from spiders though, not just in looks but in the way they behave. Scorpions actually consume food while spiders do not. Scorpions can also easily adapt to new turf because how humans keep their thermostats constantly at the same temperature making it an easy life style for Scorpions. Scorpions are transferred state to state by hiding in storage boxes when people move. They will then multiply and soon your home and the state will be infested with Scorpions. Seeing one Scorpion can mean your entire home is infested with Scorpions. Because one pregnant Scorpion can care up to 100 scorpions at a time.

Also, Scorpions have been known to survive up to 4 months without food or water. Seeking Scorpion Control is crucial if a Scorpion is spotted near, or inside your home. For more info on how to receive Scorpion Control in Austin, Texas, go to

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