Australian Insurance Company AAMI Takes Sustainability To Greater Heights

Melbourne, Victoria Australia (PressExposure) December 10, 2008 -- AAMI has continued its industry-leading role in making environmental concerns a core part of day-to-day decisions and practices and, for the first time, has reported on its efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and its carbon footprint in the AAMI Sustainability Report.

AAMI’s Regulatory Affairs, Policy and Research Manager Annabelle Butler said the report documented policy and staff efforts that have resulted in tangible reductions of CO2 emissions, as well as partnerships with third-parties that will assist in offsetting AAMI’s carbon footprint.

“The report also details AAMI’s efforts to foster and sustain positive relationships with customers, staff and the community, and is a further indication of AAMI’s commitment to being completely transparent about the impact of its operations on the environment and steps to mitigate this,” Ms Butler said.

AAMI and the environment

As a participant in the Department of Climate Change’s Greenhouse Challenge Plus Program, AAMI reports on its direct and indirect greenhouse emissions. “Last year, AAMI’s national vehicle fleet travelled 8,482,382 kms, producing 2275 tonnes of CO2 which were offset through AAMI’s partnership with Greenfleet,” she said.

“To help reduce AAMI’s fleet impact, Greenfleet will plant 9187 biodiverse native trees that will absorb 2462 tonnes of, and all AAMI fleet vehicles are to be filled with E10 fuel (a biofuel) where possible,” she added.

From July 2007 – June 2008, AAMI, the car insurance company, used approximately 7,313,427 kwh of electricity, which translates to 7220 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

“Green teams, which AAMI has established across the country, will this year implement the Working Together to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint program to further reduce their environmental impact at work and at home,” Ms Butler said.

Ms Butler said AAMI’s total waste sent to landfill in 2007/08 was estimated at 185 tonnes, of which only 12 per cent was paper or cardboard.

“This is a reduction of 1.13 per cent from last year, demonstrating the tangible effect of AAMI’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, which includes printing all external materials on 100 per cent recyclable paper, with all internal stock now 50 per cent recycled paper,” she said. “This alone will prevent some 59 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.”

AAMI staff reduced their air travel CO2 emissions by more than one-third, to 792 tonnes, in 2007/08, largely by staff flying fewer kilometres. An investment in video conferencing facilities in every state and territory is partly responsible for such a significant reduction in air travel, which is set to continue next year. Ms Butler said in addition to the many tangible efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, AAMI worked to educate motorists about changes to their driving behaviours that can reduce their cars environmental impact.

“The inaugural AAMI Green Motoring Index, released on World Environment Day this year, contained new research on driver attitudes and behaviours, along with helpful hints on how simple driving changes can reduce CO2emissions,” she said.

AAMI and its customers

AAMI uses a number of benchmarks to measure its customer satisfaction, including claims resolutions, customer referrals and regulatory breaches and complaints. In 2007/08, 1439 claims were lodged with AAMI’s internal Customer Ombudsman, of which 223 were overturned in favour of the customer. An external Financial Ombudsman Service was referred 236 claims, of which 61 were overturned in favour of the customer.

“AAMI also prides itself on the accessibility it affords all its customers and its Consumer Appeals Service brochure is available in the five major languages spoken in Australia,” Ms Butler said. “And AAMI also employs 36 bi-lingual employees who between them speak 19 languages.

“Our interpreter service provided translations for 5828 telephone calls and eight on-site visits using 61 different languages at a cost of $230,974. The number of languages for which translation services were offered increased by 17 per cent from last year, with the most common translations required for Chinese and Vietnamese speaking customers,” she added.

AAMI and the community AAMI contributed more than $4 million to community activities, largely through community partnerships and in-kind time and services. This represents just over five per cent of AAMI’s Insurance Trading Result and is slightly less than last year due to some community partnerships coming to an end.

“AAMI has participated in a wide range of community-based initiatives and charities for many years, with the objective of educating and supporting individuals, special interest and not-for profit groups in projects and initiatives that complement our industry,” Ms Butler said.

“For example, AAMI contributed almost $50,000 to an Australian Drug Foundation social research project about drugs and driving in Australia. AAMI’s Belonging Small Grants program supports staff that volunteer with small financial grants for their individual community organisations,” she said. Other community initiatives AAMI supported last year were Earth Hour, the AAMI Skilled Drivers program, the Victoria State Emergency Service and the AAMI Apprentice Subsidy Scheme, which helps aspiring entrants to the vehicle smash repair industry.

About AAMI

AAMI is a leading car, home, compulsory third party (CTP) and small business insurer in Australia.

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