Author Don Viecelli is Proud to Announce the Release of his New Science Fiction Novel "The Guardians"

Arlington Heights, Illinois (PressExposure) January 30, 2011 -- An alien attack on Earth by an unidentified object detonates multiple missile warheads over twenty-four sparsely inhabited land areas around the globe causing a biological transformation that threatens to destroy all life forms on the planet within days. At the same time a Peruvian archeologist discovers a hidden chamber under a royal Inca temple in Cuzco, Peru that tells a story of past Inca rulers who seemed to worship alien beings from the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. During the attack one of these aliens, who calls himself Òmon, makes contact and offers to help stop the nanobot contamination from engulfing Earth.

Brandon Cole who works for NASA and a special team from the U.S. government are sent to Peru by the President to investigate the discovery. Òmon says he is one of the Guardians left behind to protect Earth from a ruthless race of beings intent on wiping out all living organisms on Earth so they can terraform the planet to their DNA. Òmon has recruited a special group of Inca warriors from the past to help fight the invading alien race. The battle begins between the attacking aliens, Òmon and the human race to prevent all life on Earth as we know it from being erased forever. The psychological impact on the human race is considerable. The ecological impact on the planet and the solar system will be incalculable. And this is only the beginning for survival of the human species.

Author Don Viecelli is proud to announce the release of his new science fiction novel The Guardians available in ebook format from Google ebookstore (Google ebookstore) and Amazon Kindle Store (Amazon ebooks)

An excerpt:
Professor Naldo immediately recognized the other image on the left door. "The left image is of the Inca Sun god, Inti," he said to Guido. It made perfect sense, since Cuzco was the home of the Sun god, and gold was his embodiment. "The right image looks like the Nazca figure called 'The Astronaut' or 'God Being' by some people."

Then Professor Naldo noticed some large symbols above the two images that caused him some confusion, for he was sure they said, "ONLY THE GODS MAY ENTER THIS TEMPLE. BEWARE OR BE PUNISHED!"

Before Professor Naldo could say the words out loud, Guido had already walked forward to touch the two golden doors. When he was within one meter of the doorway, a bluish beam of light engulfed him from above. Guido yelled out in pain as if shocked by some sort of electrical energy. Guido's body rose swiftly off the floor, seemingly weightless, and was repulsed backwards where he fell unconscious to the ground.

About The Author
Don Viecelli lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois. He is a marketing professional in the high tech industry and writes for a hobby. This is his third novel. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing novels that weave real science with fiction.

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