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Detroit, Michigan (PressExposure) August 02, 2011 -- Despite Michigan's economical harsh times, this first time author, Denise Coopersmith, has managed to keep her head above drowning waters. No, she hasn't become an instant millionaire, or invented the latest innovative gadget, but has written an inspirational book about suicide. By allowing her creative writing to become her therapy, her first book "No Time To Die" is now at the fingertips of thousands of readers.

In 2003, after a slip and fall accident, Coopersmith fell on hard times and could no longer work. Two years later, she lost her home, vehicle, and most of her possessions. After having to move back with her mother, it placed her in a state of depression, whereas, she contemplated suicide. She started writing a suicide letter, and even envisioned herself standing on a bridge and giving up on life. But then, her mother, Ruth Foster, inspired her when she told Coopersmith that she had "No Time To Die". This comment came right after her mother had painfully lost all of her siblings. After that, it gave Coopersmith a big boost. She took the title, ran with it, and never looked back. Here is the story's synopsis.

"No Time To Die" is about a woman named Lola Jefferson, who has lost all patience with the stressors of life. Tired of it all, she decides to take her life. Her plan of leaping to her death is suddenly halted by thoughts of her family finding her body. What makes things worse for the troubled young lady is that an elderly married couple (Frank and Glenda Anderson) are sitting on a bench nearby, watching her while eating potato chips. The elderly couple is a hilarious duo, who seemingly just can't get along. Frank is full of quick wit, as he is full of anecdotes, which will keep the readers both laughing and the pages moving. Glenda however is compassionate but like Frank, she too is quick witted, giving him a run for his money. Glenda nurtures her relationship with Lola, questioning her as to why she is so ready to end her life. It turns out that someone she trusted stole her idea for an invention and has sold the idea and reaping the profits, while Lola has been left with nothing and no type of promissory note to fall back on.

"No Time To Die" was first written as a stage play. It drew local attention after being featured in one of the local newspapers. Coopersmith produced the stage play back in 2007 at the Paul Robeson Theater in Detroit. Although the play only ran for two nights, it was well received by the audience. After the curtains went down, Coopersmith said that little children to the elderly were shoving each other just to give her a hug. They enjoyed the play that much. It was all due to the creative writing of Coopersmith, and the talented cast that came on board to make the play a spectacular show. Coopersmith plans on bringing back the stage play. But for right now, book lovers have the opportunity to embrace the book for themselves. "No Time To Die" can be purchased at # # #

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