Author Reveals How to Buy Your Home With Bad Credit

Springfield, Ohio (PressExposure) March 15, 2007 -- Springfield, Ohio

Okay, you went through a bad divorce, or one of your children became seriously ill, or you lost your job and the news is not good when it comes to your credit report. The thing is, you got through all of that and times are a little better. Now, you are just about up to your breaking point with renting. But the mortgage broker, or worse yet, the banker told you that you have to wait, because you can't qualify for a mortgage.

Let's see now...that means it will take me how long to own my own home? Yeesh, I can't believe it!

Well just cheer up there little one , because help has just arrived! Just think, no more waking up during winter, knowing that you have to jackhammer your way into your car, because it sits out in the apartment complex parking lot. Not to mention the fact that you worry about the neighbors kids, that think your ride is there to alter however they see fit.

Oh yea, and will you really miss those awful cooking smells that are a blend of 100 kitchens all going at the same time when you walk down the hallway?

Well, if you just can't imagine giving all that up, then you should stop reading this article. However, if you would like to depart from this form of modern day herding then you will be glad to know that Thomas & Thomas Publishing has just released their new course on home buying.

Their new work guarantees that you can leave behind all that above mentioned unpleasantness in 30 days or less-Guaranteed. Think I'm kidding? Nope, I'm not. That is exactly what the authors did, a long time ago, and now you can get out of the rent trap just like they did. The neat thing is, the authors claim that just about everyone can accomplish this. All of this "How To" stuff can be found at their website: []

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