Author Strives to Raise Self Esteem in Female Teenagers

Calgary, Canada (PressExposure) August 20, 2009 -- Dawn McIntyre is a great authority when it comes to beauty. She is not a fashion expert or a stylist. She is an expert in beauty that everyone's familiar with. Dawn is an expert in finding true beauty---the kind that emanates from within.

A professional spiritual intuitive, Dawn helps both men and women awaken their senses to their inner beauty. Higher states of expansion and beauty consciousness are just a few of the objectives Dawn shares through her website. Dawn's opinion is well sought after by the media as she is considered an expert in discovering one's inner beauty. She appeared in major networks in the United States such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Dawn also appeared in popular papers such as USA Today, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications. She also appeared regularly with BTV in Edmonton, Alberta for two years.

The Common Issue in Teenagers

The teenage years are probably the most critical stage that everyone has to face in their lifetime. This is because it is in the teenage years that the person starts to build their identity that carries them all through their life. Character is formed and values are learned.

The common issue that teenagers face during this stage is low self esteem. Teenagers tend to feel self conscious in just about everything in their lives. They worry about the way they look, the way others see them and the way they interact with other people. The list can go on and on. This results in low self esteem. With low self esteem, a teenager can find difficulty in living their everyday life.

Facing the Issue

Of course, everyone has their way of solving this problem. Some find a way to raise their self esteem the hard way while some gain support from their friends and relatives. There are even those who find the low self esteem issue a phase that will eventually pass. Unfortunately, it is not the same situation for everyone.

What will happen if the teenager refuses to address the issue? This is a difficult situation. For starters, having a low self esteem will cause the teenager difficulties in dealing with every day life situations. Feeling inferior will most likely create a life that is always held back.

Answering it the Issue

Many present different solutions for this problem. The problem is that not all of these solutions are correct. Some focus on what is seen on the outside. They work hard to shape their body, maintain their face, pick the right clothes and all that goes with it in the name of physical beauty. Dawn sees this as the wrong way of addressing low self esteem in teenagers. The New 10 by Dawn McIntyre seeks to answer this issue properly. This is a program specially designed to help teenage girls learn a genuine concept of beauty. Beauty and self esteem are two interrelated concepts that will work together if given the right definition.

The best way to raise self esteem in teenagers is not to focus developing things visible on the outside. It is by letting the inner beauty shine from within. True beauty, once achieved, will always be visible in everyone's eyes.

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Let Dawn McIntyre share a solution to help low self esteem issues. The New 10 by Dawn McIntyre will raise self esteem in teenage girls the way it should be done.

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