Author Writes Tell All Book About Anonymous

Orlando, FL (PressExposure) August 06, 2009 -- The media has labeled the group known as Anonymous as "The most powerful force on the internet."

Now a long time member of the group speaks out and breaks his anonymity.

Mr. Randolf is talking with several publishers about publishing his book, stating: "Its time to set the record straight, and for another viewpoint to be presented *other than* the media's."

The book is to be about 4Chan and the group the media has labeled Anonymous.

Charles says "I believe I am the appropriate mouthpiece to represent the subculture that has garnered great media attention and could with reasonable assurance guarantee this book will be of high interest across a large group of readers."

Charles has been an active member of the 4Chan community since 2004, and since such time, he has came to personally witness the unfolding of political actions, protests and other actions which created a large interest from the news media itself.

Because of the communities imminent backlash from publishing such a book he has written the book under a pseudonym.

"I am sure once Anonymous finds out about this book, I am likely to get hacked, my identity stolen, and who knows what else." Charles said in a statement.

"They will instantly know who I am, because they will recognize the nickname in which I have posted on 4Chan." He said as he prepares for the worst.

He said he believed it was time for the whole story to come out, and that the content of his book will contain both the good and the bad about the group. To do anything less would be "a dishonor to the group, and a lie. Their story MUST be told." he said.

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