Author of Bad Girl Gone Mom, KC Lauer to sign books at the Big E Fair

Hartford, Connecticut (PressExposure) September 23, 2011 -- Lauer's autobiography is about her birth defects, and the emotional obstacles she had to overcome.

The author shares painful and highly personal secrets in an effort to help those that might be suicidal due to their sexuality, gender development issues and/or depression.

Lauer was born in Massachusetts, but lived in the state of Connecticut several times in her life. The story takes reader's into a middle class family that becomes destroyed because of sexual secrets.

While the content is of an adult nature, the author shares that the reason she wrote the book was because people don't talk about these situations. Parents and teachers draw the line in the sand and say that these things shouldn't be discussed with minors but that leaves kids alone to deal with their problems.

Kids do drink and have underage sex. They get involved in drugs and they try to control their lives the only way they know how. When they don't know how, and they don't have a solid support system, they can get into deep trouble, and may not clearly see a way out. This is a book for them. The author shares not only the bad and the ugly, but also the steps she took to turn her life around.

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From the author:

Dear Readers,

My daughter and I went on vacation a few years ago and she brought along James Frey's A Million Little Pieces because she thought I would relate to his alcoholic story. I did, but I also thought that his story was missing the female perspective. There are so many situations women have to consider when they drink and allow their lives to get out of control. I thought if I had the guts to put my story down on paper, that it might help other girls realize that they are not alone.

In writing Bad Girl Gone Mom, I relived much of the pain I experienced as a young girl. In researching the market for the book, I discovered that I was not the only girl in the world to be born without a vagina. I realized that many people struggle with gender dysfunction, teenage alcoholism, anorexia, date rape, bullying and more.

As I opened my heart to others and started sharing my secrets, they started sharing their stories and that gave me the impetus to continue.

This memoir is raw, rude and real. My hope is that it challenges people to think. So far, everyone who has read it says it is a real tear-jerker. I am currently working on a musical CD to complement the book. If I make you cry, I am sorry, but I have finally gotten to the point where feeling something is better than feeling nothing.

About Kay Won't Tell

For more info: KC Lauer, Kay Won't Tell

Book is also available from the author's site at kbalbify or through

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