Autologous Stem Cell Treatment Offered by Asian Medical Tourism

Manila, Philippines (PressExposure) September 24, 2009 -- Dubbed as Asia’s leading provider of Health and Wellness Services, Asian Medical Tourism, announced its new state of the art Stem Cell Treatment and Rejuvenation that uses Autologous Stem Cells to help combat the aging process of every individual.

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment is unlike the embryonic stem cell treatment which uses stem cell derived from fetus. This new stem cell treatment uses an individuals own blood and fat (adipose tissue) that is harvested around the individuals belly area and peripheral blood through liposuction, then stem cells harvested are incubated to stimulate growth factor. The whole procedure takes only 4 hours in the operating room of the medical establishment under local anesthesia, takes one hour to harvest and three hours to incubate and stimulate and infused back to the individual’s body.

Unlike Embryonic stem cell treatment, individuals and doctors won’t have to worry about auto immune rejection, the body’s own defense to the integration of foreign objects and cells to the body. Autologous Stem Cell Treatment and Rejuvenation uses the individual’s own blood and fat deposits that is why the body never recognizes it as a foreign material that can threaten the body’s whole being.

Asian Medical Tourism’s services also include cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, gamma knife procedure, breast augmentation, hormone therapy, eye laser treatment and many more.

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About Asian Medical Tourism

Asian Medical Tourism aims to help individuals achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life with the aid of their World trained and World renowned team of Doctors and staffs. Asian Medical Tourism also helps individuals have a tailored comfort and stay in the Philippines by chaperoning individuals through each medical facility and arranging consultations from its many expert and experience Medical Doctors.

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