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Chicago, IL (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- Grass Software Inc. has released Macro Expert 2.9, a major upgrade to its script encryption and database utility, as well as improved the feature of auto-logon under Windows Vista / 2003 / 2008.

Macro Expert 2.9 includes more than 20 improvements to provide additional power and flexibility. It enhances stability and performance of the auto-logon under windows operating system. New features include the ability to access, read, and write data from the database, to execute SQL statement, as well as to encrypt script. In addition, there are other new features available: Added actions - "Wait for Mouse Motion", "Wait for File", "Wait for Process"; added actions - "Loop Windows", "Loop Files", and "Loop Process"; added actions – "Show Tip Text", "Hide Tip Text" and "Send Message to Window", etc.

Macro Expert is a windows application that saves time and money by making it easy to automate windows tasks that you can do on your pc. It can not only capture and play back keystrokes and mouse movements, but also let you edit script to automate any series of tasks you want. With it, you can test sites, create conditional statements, perform loops, and create variables. Once a macro is built, it can be launched manually, scheduled to run automatically, or triggered by various type of changes in your computer.

Macro Expert's scripting editor makes it easy to create your macros. There are more than 90 actions that make it simple to create macros to launch programs, shut down the computer, make file backups and synchronize folders, and transfer data from excel to other application. For more powerful and complex macros, it's easy to create if/then/else logic that examines variable and make decisions based on what it finds. The macro that you create can pause, wait for window focused, perform loop logic, and manipulate clipboard data.

The program improves efficiency for any kinds of tasks, eliminating time wasted in repetitious jobs and minimizing the possibility of human errors in these repetitive works. It is easy for users to create a macro to type an entire email address by pressing a hotkey. Similarly, a hotkey could be assigned to simulate the mouse activity required to complete a task. Uniquely, Macro Expert provides a new feature which could emulate the keyboard and mouse action at the hardware level. The feature makes sure a task can be performed perfectly under the most of games. Macro Expert includes a set of file actions which allow the user to copy, remove, rename files, or change the attributes of files, and even synchronize files between folders. With the registry operation and file actions, an experienced user could even remove venomous scripts, Virus infections, Spyware/Trojan, etc.

For the web scenario, Macro Expert provides a group of actions that let the user build an automation solution for surfing, scraping, or testing on Internet Explorer. The user may create macros for navigating websites repeatedly without user intervention, filling a form from an Excel document and logging on their web-mail, watching their sites, and even gathering the data from a visitor automatically.

As another exciting feature, Macro Expert makes it possible for a macro to run at a specific time or run upon the occurrence of a certain event. The user would utilize this feature to complete the tasks at a time when it is most convenient or suitable, or trigger a macro to carry out the event-related operations, such as restarting the computer when there is not enough memory, or removing all Internet Explorer History when disk space is low. A macro can be attached to up to 16 schedulers and 16 triggers.

Macro Expert 2.9 runs under Window 2000/2003/ XP/VISTA/2008, costs $59.95 (US), and can be ordered securely online from You can download a free, fully-functional, 21-day trial version of Macro Expert from the same address.

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