Automated System Revolutionizes MLM Lead Generation

Dallas, TX (PressExposure) July 17, 2011 -- For decades now, network marketers have struggled with running out of leads, chasing friends and family largely because the old referral sales system is tired and broken but there is now a better way to generate MLM leads []. It is a fully automated network marketing lead generation platform on autopilot whereby targeted MLM leads are "driven" to one's website.

Providing information, prospecting, training, education and marketing techniques in one package on the web that can drive targeted MLM leads and traffic eliminates the exhausting panic of running out of leads. After all, if one runs out of leads, the business is dead. The old system of making a prospecting list of friends and family then presenting the MLM opportunity and asking for referrals is dead. It worked well in the 1950s and is still used by the insurance industry but let's face it few people want to talk to an insurance salesman and even fewer still want to see an MLM presentation. However, one can target people on the internet who actually want to learn more about network marketing and what everyone knows about targeted leads is that they are hotter leads and easier to convert. John from Texas said, "I can't believe I didn't find this system sooner. I ran out of friends a long time ago and have been chasing people, almost stalking them, at the mall, coffee shop, post office or wherever I could find a warm body. This is amazing. I now generate more leads in a day than I used to talk to in a month! My business has exploded! Never again will I limit myself to just who I can talk to."

Network marketers are now generating hundreds of leads per day online through a simple system provided by The Rainmaker MLM Coach, Marty Heath. It simply is like fishing in the ocean instead of a town's small pond. There are just more prospects on the internet but more importantly there are actually people that want to hear about MLM opportunities. They need better training and education and much better ways of prospecting and generating leads. By presenting the MLM opportunity only after training and teaching prospecting and lead generation techniques can one begin to capture and sponsor new people.

About The Rainmaker MLM Coach

Marty Heath is the industries newest top leader in MLM coaching []. He has successfully and repeatedly produced multi-million dollar businesses and helped thousands of people to do the same.

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