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Santa Barbara, CA (PressExposure) April 26, 2012 -- A new site has opened dedicated to automatic cat feeders. In fact, the site [] offers a huge variety of different automatic cat feeders that can help supply your pet with a healthy and consistent diet. Since it is dedicated to nothing but ways to automatically feed your pet, it offers pet owners a terrific way to control the health and happiness of their pet. "The idea of the site is to help pet owners know what and how much of a certain food is being fed to their pet. Many owners are unaware of how often they feed their pet, leading to an unhealthy diet," said site creator, John Dodson.

While passing through the site at [] it was clear that automatic cat feeders is exactly what it this site is intended for. Countless different products are explained in great detail, including gravity automatic cat feeders and electronically programmed automatic pet feeders. One who would browse will find it's an area that connects buyers to the best prices and the best products available to help feed your pets.

Pet owners have found great pleasure in the opening of the new site. One thing is for certain; this site is the best place to find everything there is to know about automatic cat feeders and automatic dog feeders, as found in the site domain.


An abstract of the site from the author is:

An automatic cat feeder offers many important benefits to your cat, and probably the most important amongst those benefits is a healthy, consistent diet. Sure, it's not too hard to give your cat healthy food, but consistency is important. What happens if you work nine hour days? It is very easy to go over nine without having your pet fed, and you know that starving look they give you when you come home. They start rubbing your legs, purring extra loud and kneading at you. An automatic cat feeder can help this dilemma by customizing times you want your cat fed. Another health benefit for you cat is controlling how much they are fed. If your cat likes to eat, it is very easy to indulge your cute feline when it cleverly acts cute to get some food. This can quickly lead to an overweight and unhealthy cat. It's very easy to find the recommended amount of food for your cat by either surfing the web, or sometimes simply looking at your bag of food. Customize your cat feeder to give out the recommended amount of food in order to keep your cat healthy and fit.

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