Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology Could Boost National Security

New Castle, DE (PressExposure) September 15, 2006 -- Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology Could Boost Local Security

(New Castle, DE) – A fairly new technology has been released by Motorola, available in Delaware though Delmarva Communications, which will enable patrol officers to instantly read a passing license plate at differential speeds of up to 130 mph and provide immediate crime alerts.

Once a plate is read, the device checks the plate numbers against several local and national databases to determine if there is any delinquent activity associated with either the vehicle or the driver. The entire process can be completed within two seconds and has proven to be an effective force multiplier for local authorities.

Prior to its official launch, Motorola tested the device in 2005 by installing several Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) devices on patrol vehicles for the Pennsylvania State Police. Within the first few days of testing, a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper pulled over a vehicle traveling at 91 mph. He was immediately notified, via an alert on his laptop, that the vehicle had been reported stolen. As a result, the officer was able to call for backup, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

The Motorola ALPR device also boasts the industry’s highest accuracy rate, with a success rate well over 90%, which should put the general public at ease. There is a very low risk that the device will report a false positive and, according to Lt. Krishardt of the Pennsylvania State Police “99.9 of the vehicles not on the ‘hot list’ and with no correlation to crime are dumped immediately”.

A fixed version of the device is also available. It can be mounted near tollbooths, silently yet vigilantly checking plates for stolen vehicles, outstanding warrants, or other major violations. According to Motorola, the device can process an average of 10,000 plates per typical shift, far more than the 40-50 that can be manually processed. Automating activities such as this frees an officer from having to manually run plates, thereby allowing a department to allocate its resources more effectively.

Police Departments can also start earning a return on their investment. An officer can patrol multiple parking lots, searching for parking violations they may never have noticed otherwise, in a fraction of the time it would take without the device.

Officials interested in obtaining additional information or a demo should contact Eric O’Connor of Delmarva Communications, an authorized Motorola Two-Way Communications dealer. He can be reached via phone at 302-324-1230 or emailed at: Additional information can also be found on Delmarva Communication’s website at:

While ALRP may be new, its implications for the future are very promising. “Devices like this put the right information in the right person’s hands at the right time” said Larry McAllister, co-owner of Delmarva Communications. Any officer will tell you that having asymmetric information, such as not knowing a vehicle was stolen, has the potential to put them in a very bad situation. Having access to such information ahead of time allows an officer to take the proper precautions and minimize risk. In today’s world, we can’t afford to take too many risks.

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