BPW Foundation Surveyed That Even Gen Y Women Are Facing Workplace Gender Discrimination

Washington, (PressExposure) February 28, 2012 -- According to the national survey of the Business and Professional Women's (BPW) Foundation held in May 2011, they have found that even Gen Y Women are facing workplace gender discrimination. More information about it is available on http://www.bpwfoundation.org/

This research is an eye-opener for the manipulators who declare that this is the 21st century and equality of the rights especially in the case of gender discrimination does not exist anymore. As a matter of fact, 77% of the working women have stated that gender is a severe or judicious problem for them in their workplace. Just about 50% of the women in business network have accepted that they do have faced or observed the gender discrimination in the commercial realm.

Here, it is imperative to note that Gen Y Women are the ones that represent the generation next to the Baby Boomers. They have born between late 70s and early 90s. They are comprised by 80 million people of the USA that is 20% of the population. The women of this era are exceptionally independent, ethnically diverse, and adapting to the modern changes containing technological advancement. Unlike Generation X, they are inclined to have jobs that are meaningful to them and are rewarding towards their spirituality rather than economy. These women are confident, ambitious, and tech savvy. They are the active internet users and social media participants. Companies have been implementing employee motivation strategies to increase the overall productivity of the company. These strategies are equally effective for females who are looking for satisfaction and monetary gains from their jobs.

However, they are still facing the dilemma of the work place diversity that their ancestors have been fighting through. The survey further enhances that 63% of these women are suffering stereotyping, 58% are going through the inequality of the opportunities, 31% have been prey to sexual harassment, 58% have been noted not being treated equally, and 60% of them had to accept unequal compensation. When Gen Y Women are stressed with biased work force solution, they are also frazzled with generation discrimination. Traditional management mind-set do not consider them to be responsible enough for the higher posts and address them with offending words such as 'girl' and 'kid'.

Gen Y Women have a more complete approach towards balancing their work and life. They want the employers to understand that the employee should be appreciated on their competency to perform their duties well rather than counting the hours they have been bonded to dedicate the company. It is a responsibility of every employer to give supportive employment to females who are in need. This way, they will feel more secure and contribute a lot in the success of the company. The company has been offering guidelines to women who want a safe and healthy enviorment. If you need to know more about what BPW foundation does for women professionals; the best way is to log onto the http://www.bpwfoundation.org/.

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