Babies Grow But Memories Rewind!

Thessaloniki, Greenland (PressExposure) January 10, 2012 -- Mobile Phone Application Software manufacturers, KARAKATSANIS GEORGIOS come up with their announcement of the release of their latest software application "Baby Bloom Lite" today. The announcement says that the sophisticated software has just been approved by Apple Stores, and is released for downloading for use by the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of all latest generations, throughout the world.

As for the utilities of this exclusive software for the above hand devices, it is described basically as something connected with Parent-Child emotions. It is common knowledge every baby is precious for its parents and each baby, among any others in the family, is also equally cared for in its own way. Right from its birth - or even before when the child kicks and muddles inside the womb - every movement of the child is something fantastic for the mother and through her to the father.

Especially if the child is the first one for the newlyweds, the ecstasy and joy of watching every action of the baby becomes a daily experience of wonder - although mankind has been undergoing the same feelings for generations. When the child grows gradually, it is again a pleasured experience of rewinding memories of what and when it did for the first time - just toppling from the backside to the front; crawling; sitting; rising on the feet and walking with fear in the eyes, slowly to the mother nearby - everything.

Technology has taken care of catching the glimpses of such movements, through photography first; later on with the video camera and for the present generation through smart phones, in the iPhone; iPad; and iPod Touch series. Yet there was something lacking - something of continuity and retrieval, even at a later date instantly - sequence-wise. Individual snapshots or video clippings of capturing the first laugh, first step or utterances of first word with sound, and bringing them back for the rewind of memory, as also uploading them for the pleasure of friends and relatives have been made easy now.

The release of the software application by KARAKATSANIS GEORGIOS through approval of Apple Store, just announced, put a stop to the difficulties experienced so far in this regard. This downloadable software has been titled as Parent Baby Milestone Recorder (as every first action of the baby is regarded a milestone in life) and the latest Version 1.2 is of a size of 1.9 MB for downloading purposes.

The software manufacturers indicate that this application in the mobile devices is capable of keeping a record of the videos of mile-stone moments of the baby. From that library of several video clippings stored, one can easily retrieve particular video clippings of moments, just by the press of a button in the mobile phone, to register the date of birth of the baby concerned. This application will automatically show the exact age of the baby, when that video clipping was recorded, to rewind memories of happiness.

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