Bad News For Americans And British. A Recent Study Says That By 2030, Half Of U.S. Residents Will Suffer From Obesity

New York, NY (PressExposure) October 13, 2011 -- The study by Columbia University is categorically. If the current trend is maintained over 20 years from now, the United States will have 164 million obese, compared to 99 million in present. The British people are worried too because this problem is becoming worse every year and they need to do something right now to decrease the obesity rate.

They think that the growing number of obese people will cost the budget over 2 billion pounds a year. That being said, experts recommend urgent and drastic measures like higher taxes for fast food products and carbonated beverages.

"People know that obesity is a real problem. But they do not know what they can do as individuals about it. Instead governments know what to do and if they manage to convince the population, then the fee will be a popular measure," says Klim McPherson, an epidemiologist at Oxford University.

Scientists on both sides of the Atlantic say that the big companies in the food industry pressure on governments not to take action against them. The same thing happened last decade with tobacco and alcohol manufacturers. Only aggressive anti tobacco campaigns and anti-alcohol were able to change the situation.

Excess weight was associated with increased levels of cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes. New research shows that the layer of accumulated fat around vital organs like heart, lungs or stomach, leads to abnormal pressure on them and this may be potentially fatal to many people.

We need to understand that changing our eating habits is crucial in reducing the obesity world wide and we can do it only if every single person with this kind of problem takes action and chance their life style. For convincing people not to consume fast food and fizzy drinks the government should start a campaign for teaching people how to eat healthy because many of then don't know what and how to eat to maintain their normal weight.

There are a lot of effective ways to lose weight and the most effective one is to eat healthy food every day and exercise. Also in the same time avoid with any costs fast food, sweets and carbonated beverages.

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