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Raleigh, North Carolina (PressExposure) September 25, 2009 -- According to owner of Turbo Haul, Kevin Daly, "Our company has seen an increasing number of demolitions arising from the starting or re-initiation of construction projects in the Washington DC-Baltimore area. Since our company follows all OSHA guidelines and takes pride in its quick delivery of services, we have seen an increase in demolition and bulk trash hauling. Unlike several other demolition services, we are able to demolish anything from a single apartment wall to an entire building complex, in a safe and compliant manner. We offer fast responses on all other services, as well, such as our 24 hour service guarantee for bulk trash pickup."   The Washington DC suburbs are fast growing and new construction trends, such as selling unfinished condos are beginning to take shape in a recessionary economy. Turbo-Haul is helping manage the waste and provide quality demolition services to the area. It is expected to continue because there are many good deals on unfinished projects, or many decide to renovate instead of sell and build something else.   Because the number of foreclosed homes has increased across the country, it has added to the backlog of bulk trash hauling, as many foreclosed homes may have construction dumpsters and old appliances sitting outside for 60 days or longer in some parts of the country. Of course, some metropolitan areas provide free trash service, but many of them charge fees for additional trash hauling, such as bulk trash pickup or demolition dumpsters.   Some municipal waste haulers won't pick up demolition or construction materials. In fact, the Department of Public Works in Washington DC is one that will only pickup a maximum of 7 items from residential properties. They won't pick up from commercial establishments, including multi-family units of more than three apartments and won't pickup any kind of construction materials, at all. According to their website, you have to call a commercial bulk trash hauler and pay for this service on your own, if you are in commercial, multi-family, or single family residential renovators.   The problem is that many of the paid haulers charge high prices and have long wait times. In the meanwhile, you run out of space to store the bulk trash that needs picked up and it can be an eyesore to the entire neighborhood, especially when there are several homes with bulk trash waiting to be picked up.   Turbo Haul has specialized in quick service for over 13 years and handles any kind of demolition, construction materials removal, and large appliance removals. With our 24-hour service guarantee, many people in the Washington DC-Baltimore areas simply pick up the phone and know we will be there before the same time the next day. Our prices are competitive in bulk trash pickup, roll-off containers and our live dispatchers make sure you only have to make one call to get your mess cleaned up fast.   Whether you are a contractor, commercial property and facility manager, real estate agent, business, homeowner or residential property manager, we can take care of your bulk trash and old appliance pickups at lightning fast speed. As other haulers become more overloaded with bulk trash customers who are growing more frustrated, Turbo Haul has seen the business increase and are able to maintain the 24 hour service guarantee, even though demands have become heavier from a number of sources.   From construction renovations to foreclosed home clean-ups, many property managers in the Washington DC-Baltimore area have found themselves with the need for a reliable and fast demolition, renovation and construction bulk trash clean-up crew. Turbo Haul takes care of the problems easily and quickly.   The demolition industry is something that many bulk trash haulers don't want to get into. At Turbo Haul, we have the large equipment necessary to raze an entire building, house, structure, or take care of smaller demolitions, such as gutting a kitchen, knocking out a wall or other renovations that can make a mess and create bulk trash that needs to be hauled. With one phone call, we can take care of the entire mess quickly so that you can get your project completed in the time you have allocated. You don't have to worry about roll-off construction dumpsters sitting in front of your home or business for days on end.   Turbo Haul does more than just demolition and bulk trash hauling and roll-off containers. We also can take care of other problems a property manager might encounter, including fire and water damage, removing old floor finishes, torch cutting, rigging and towing, old fixture removals and any kind of dismantling. Ask about our LEED programs. No matter what your need, you can call us for a no-obligation analysis and estimate, and we'll come right out.   If you are in the Washington DC-Baltimore area and need a demolition or bulk trash hauler, Turbo Haul is the company to call. You are guaranteed that we can take care of your needs quickly and without frustration. The bulk trash dumping fees we get are passed on to our customers through lower prices than our competitors. There is no need for you to go through the expense of hauling your bulk trash or appliances, then paying a dumping fee on top of that. Many of those that have construction materials or need demolition services find that we are cheaper in the final analysis and relieve them of the hassles that come with renovating and dumping bulk trash. For your no obligation analysis, or to schedule a bulk trash pickup quickly, visit

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Turbo Haulk, one of the biggest bulk trash pickup companies in United States. Their Service areas include Baltimore-Washington, Northern Virginia metro Area and Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham in North Carolina. Other Services include Roll-off Containers and Demolition Services.

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