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St. Louis, MO (PressExposure) May 30, 2007 -- Profit Lance Systems today launched a new blog on allergy and asthma relief. More and more people yearly are being diagnosed with allergies and asthma which continues to be one of the most common respiratory conditions in America. If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, learning effective strategies to control allergy or asthma symptoms is very important and could even save your life.

Tree pollens, grass pollens and other allergens can antagonize your senses and keep you from fully enjoying outdoor activities. If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, you know that sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; a runny, stuffy nose; and other allergy symptoms can keep you from feeling clear-headed. There are a number of effective over-the-counter allergy medications. Or you may need to consult with your doctor about possible prescriptions.

Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to foreign substances in the environment called allergens. Exposure to what is normally a harmless substance, such as pollen, causes the immune system to react as if the substance were harmful. In essence, allergies are your body's effort to get rid of substances it feels are dangerous. You might have allergies, but there are a number of things you can do to help prevent, treat and live with your symptoms. A few helpful tips to make your life with allergies a little easier: - keep windows closed to help eliminate pollen in the air - use an air filter and clean it regularly - stay away from damp areas where mold grows - wear a mask and gloves when you clean the house.

Allergy asthma is very common and the number of victims is increasing yet research is on the decline. Depending on the level of your allergy suffering and the severity, you can try to make improvements on your own or you may need to seek medical advice. As a sufferer or the sufferers' family there is a reduction in both quality of life and productivity. The impact of allergies in your life can be devastating and even life threatening.

The newly launched Allergy and Asthma Relief blog provides important and strategic information to potential sufferers. In particular it covers the most essential elements in dealing with allergies and asthma symptoms. Natural herbs for allergies - treat allergies without medication; Allergies, asthma - what can you do: How to control your asthma allergy symptoms.

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