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San Antonio, Texas (PressExposure) February 14, 2009 -- Texas Based organization PBRA or Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association is the original Association for Bathtub Refinishers and consumers. We are often duplicated but never imitated nor are we intimated by new on the block wanna be disgruntled rejects. At the Orignal PBRA You must be an experienced refinisher. You must show proof of experience and of course pay an association fee to become a member. We expect every refinisher or member to use any product that they themselves can successfully apply. We do not force any products on any member. All are leads are free for the general public who wish to contact PBRA members and of course the matching of customer to suitable members is free as well.

If a customer needs work peformed they simply complete a form and are contacted by a pre-screened PBRA member at the time and place of the consumers choosing. Zero pressure and no hard sales. We simple want to organize independent successful bathtub refinishers with customers while bringing awareness to the enormous savings refinishing can bring to that consumer.

Our guide lines are much stricter then a simple message board making money off google links or pay per click. We are a true entity, an organization of independent successful bathtub refinishers.

Consumers can click on our interactive map [] and complete a work order request form the the private information is promply forwared to a skilled PBRA refinisher. This is only after the customer makes request and again all information is private.

Our internal organization or private boards are kept private to protect the public. We also use them to teach and share information with each other. Imagine almost 60 professionals, successful in their own businesses sharing data to bring you a superior product. All this requires full time attention and money. This is why we have a nominal fee to join. The feel also protects the data. We have online member classes where we teach the installations of the Safeway Step or different handicap modifications and many bath safety services. This requires the handling of dangerous tools and we simply cant risk the general public attempting these projects themselves. Plus refinishing usually involves some type of handling of chemicals. Both green and solvents can be dangerous if not handled properly. Again we simply can't take the chance of people reading our private sessions and running the risk of the mis-handling of the specialized products

That would be irresponsible. We have read about a new similar association on the web boasting of no fees to join. Well if you live in the same world as we do at the PBRA then you know like just like any great refinishing job you get what you pay for.

What kind of refinishing job do you expect for free? This is what makes us special we are a private self help organization who promotes better safer longer lasting refinishing techniques. We simply can't do it for free.

This is why our slogan is "When the products are similar the refinisher makes the difference the PBRA is just a shade better" The original Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association.

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The Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association
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To learn more about us watch this video []

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