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, Midrand South Africa (PressExposure) July 01, 2009 -- The 2010 World Cup is the biggest event that South Africa has ever hosted. With transportation in the forefront of everyone's mind, luxury car rental is at a premium right now. Security and efficient travel go hand in hand, especially if you or your entourage are visiting a country which has a dubious security record. Although the South African government is doing everything within its power to ensure the safety of its sports fans, to truly ensure your safety in this turbulent country, why not consider armoured car rental, chosen from our extensive list of luxury vehicles?

Keen to show the rest of the world that South Africa has indeed conquered the trials and tribulations of the past, the South African government has implemented a few key measures to make the routes to and from the stadiums safe for all who travel in this country.

• 41 000 officers for the event

The government has added an extra 41 000 police officers to the already extensive South African Police Service. 30 000 police officers will circulate the various host cities and stadiums, designed to keep a sphere of security at all times.

• SAPS high-tech equipment

The SAPS now have the most high-tech equipment available, including flack jackets, water canons, bomb disposal units, and 100 new BMW's for route patrols.

• Simulated exercises

The three major security teams in South Africa, the police service, defence force and air force, took part in a joint operational exercise to prepare for any eventuality. This included simulated exercises such as nuclear and radioactive threats, chemical and biological accidents and attacks, as well as air and maritime coordinated exercises.

• Pilatus PC-12 light aircraft

Four of these light aircraft have been bought especially for the soccer event. Each airplane is fitted with a camera which beams down live footage of the event to officers on the ground. The government has bought manned and un-manned surveillance aircraft to ensure your safety at the event and en-route.

• Upgraded road system

Car rental in South Africa is now easier than ever, with a newly upgraded road system. Everywhere you turn in the country, road works are being completed at lighting speed. The routes to and from the stadiums will be safe, efficient and easy to negotiate with traffic police working in conjunction with the SAPS.

However, if this extensive list of upgrades and security measures does not satisfy your safety concerns, why not invest in a truly safe vehicle to ferry your entourage and yourself around the city? During the soccer world cup, fans from all over the world will congregate in South Africa, making for a confusing and dangerous time. Negotiate the roads in style and in safety with our armoured car rentals, available from Status Luxury Vehicles.

Advanced security features on the cars ensure that your ride is both comfortable and safe, while maintaining an understated secure environment. The drivers entrusted with your safety are trained in advanced driving skills, the specifics of which are not available to the public. Additionally, the armoured cars are fitted with a range of security features, from level one to seven armour fittings. We boast an impressive list of previous clients, including former presidents and dignitaries from around the world.

Do not be satisfied simply with the protection which our cars offer you - as part of SLV's armoured car rental service, we supply you with trained bodyguards, who are friendly yet efficient in protecting you and your entourage. Choose from a bodyguard with a normal car or the full package with a police escort, which we can arrange for you.

Choose from a wide range of armoured vehicles in our selection. Due to the sensitive nature of the armour and techniques we employ to ensure your safety, we require an individual request in order to learn more about these cars and drivers.

To ensure your safety during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, use a car rental agency which has a proven record of ensuring the security and protection of its clients. SLV offers a range of armoured car rentals, a list of which is available upon request. Act now and protect your team.

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