Beacon Announces that Asset Investigation an Absolute Must for Businesses Seeking Partners

New York, NY (PressExposure) April 06, 2011 -- The greatest issue facing individuals and organizations planning a business partnership with others is uncertainty. Beacon Investigative Solutions has seen its fair share of joint ventures gone bad because the participating parties failed to do their due diligence upfront. The failure of a partnership sometimes has its roots in the assets, or lack thereof of one or more partners. When this happens, the underlying value of any proposition that binds partnerships is greatly diminished to say nothing of the erosion in trust. Assets are hard to account for and quantify, and sometimes that is done by design by parties with less than savory intentions.

The most effective way to establish the financial picture of a prospective business partner is through asset investigation. This process, when executed by experts, discovers, catalogs and quantifies the known and more often than not, the unknown assets of a subject. Many fail to do their due diligence and end up regretting their lack of vigilance. Doing business with a handshake might sound good at the time, but ultimately, many have an incentive to overstate their assets if indeed they even have any. When people don't take the proper steps to assess the asset viability of their potential business partner, the consequences can be severe.

The problem is not that people don't care, it is that asset investigation is tedious, hard and requires extraordinary time and skills to conduct successfully. Ordinary mortals have many other priorities, and even if time were not a consideration, which frankly is preposterous, but if it weren't then there is the matter of competency. Asset investigation is not a process that can be articulated in an idiot's guide or measly how-to document. Experts in this area often have years of hands-on experience in the field in addition to specialized education.

Fortunately for many, Beacon offers asset search and discovery services and asset investigation is a core service offering. This means that interested individuals and organizations may engage Beacon for their asset investigation needs. Beacon has a reputation in the industry for running efficient and successful engagements, and its agents are dedicated to a comprehensive investigatory approach to the problem at hand. For Beacon agents, the challenge of assessing asset state is more than just a job; for them, the challenge is a way of life. They have a passion for methodical investigations and the results are positive proof of their excellence.

Beacon Investigative Solutions suggests that before entering into any business arrangement, make sure an asset investigation is conducted on your potential partner. It may feel awkward, it may even feel dishonest, but there is nothing more proper than taking all prudent steps to ensure that no parties are able to overstate or outright lie about the health of their assets. The consequences of getting into business with a partner who do not possess the asset value that they claim they have is grave and potentially devastating. The prudent course of action is to get to know potential partners, and an asset investigation should be front and center in that effort. For most people, Beacon is on standby and ready to help.

"We understand the intricacies of investigating entities to determine the status of their assets because we have had numerous successes over the years, powered by the quality of talent we have working in our firm," explains Mike Orchard. "Get to know your prospective partner before you engage in any binding agreement with them."

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Beacon Investigative Solutions provides cost effective, timely, relevant and accurate investigations to the Corporate, Legal, Insurance, and Law Enforcement communities throughout the US. To satisfy this mission, Beacon has developed a corporate organizational structure of local Field Offices throughout the US, staffed with employees (not contractors) and managed by a local FOM (Field Office Manager). This Field Office network is augmented by a centralized administrative and investigative support staff located at Corporate Headquarters to make more efficient use of available manpower, economies of scale, and an appropriate control to provide the best possible outcome for our Clients.


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