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Columbus, Ohio (PressExposure) March 23, 2011 -- Increasingly savvy individuals and organizations have looked beyond national borders in order to locate investment opportunities or simply another place to situate their assets. Underpinning this philosophy is the concept of diversification and opportunity. Simply stated, money goes where the opportunities present themselves. The transnational nature of today's financial landscape is a function of the desire for growth and at times safekeeping. It is unsurprising to see the rise of financial advisors across the globe, some catering specifically to international clients who tend to hold more lucrative portfolios and in some instances are less of a pain vis-à-vis their local counterparts.

Some of the international assets held by organizations and individuals include real estate, personal property, bank accounts and various securities. Thanks to the near integration of financial markets and the pervasiveness of international advisors, coupled with the loosening in regulations that make it easier for expats and non-nationals to hold a portfolio of assets, the outflow of wealth is on the rise, as those with the means continue to observe the old adage that advises against putting all of one's proverbial eggs in one basket. Thus, the proliferation of wealth across the globe continues unabated. On the surface, there is nothing extraordinary about holding an international asset portfolio. Unfortunately, there always seem to be a rotten few who abuse the system to cover up their sinister activities.

Recent revelation of Americans holding Swiss accounts in order to skirt tax liabilities have done little to hamper the trend of holding an international asset portfolio. This is particularly true for those who have something to hide, or those unscrupulous individuals who understand the fleeting nature of their success, and in anticipation of a looming threat to their status, they ship off their assets for safekeeping in neutral countries such as Switzerland. This is part and parcel of of every dictator's way of life, and one needs only to read the news of dishonorable dictators who are having their assets frozen wherever it can be found. Typically, those assets are held outside of the domain they subjugate, and for good reason.

But one need not be a seedy dictator to have cause for holding, or as some will argue, hiding assets internationally. While states have the resources to locate, freeze and sometimes even liquidate the assets of international criminals, regular organizations and individuals do not have the means to execute such an undertaking. That is where Beacon Investigative Solutions come into play. The experts at Beacon have the requisite background and the knowledge to pursue and asset search and discovery engagement, whether those assets are locally situated or spread across the globe.

"At Beacon, our staff is comprised of investigators, former federal law enforcement officers, and other specialists who have the necessary experience and background to successfully complete our asset discovery cases. If it exists, chances are that we will find it," explains Mike Orchard of Beacon Investigative Solutions.

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Beacon International Group's mission is to provide cost effective, timely, relevant and accurate investigations to the Corporate, Legal, Insurance, and Law Enforcement communities throughout the US. To satisfy this mission, Beacon has developed a corporate organizational structure of local Field Offices throughout the US, staffed with employees (not contractors) and managed by a local FOM (Field Office Manager). This Field Office network is augmented by a centralized administrative and investigative support staff located at Corporate Headquarters to make more efficient use of available manpower, economies of scale, and an appropriate control to provide the best possible outcome for our Clients.

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