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Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- You may have tried out everything in the marketing book, from business card to postcard printing, to posters and banners. But are they working? Are they as effective as you think they are? How would you know if your plans are being executed well and good if you do not experience how it is to be served by your own people? Here are some ways of looking at your business as a client.

• Call your own hotline

Present a situation. Pretend that you're a customer that encountered a problem with a product from your company. See how your people will react to your problem. Take note of their attitude. You can also test their skills of how knowledgeable they are about the company and the services you provide.

If you think that your voice will be easy to recognize, then ask someone close to you to do the call on speaker phone. This will help you in planning out on the things that you can improve with your products and how your people treat your clients.

• Buy from your own store

If you have a store branch where no one knows you, this will be an easy task. But if you don't, you might as well disguise or again, ask somebody to do the task for you. See at how your people will convince you into buying your products. Note if they are using the appropriate marketing tools that you have provided them with to their advantage.

• Make you customers fill out survey forms

This will be easy because you no longer have to pretend. Just make sure that the forms contain all the questions that you want to be answered. Focus on the elements that need the most improvements. See how the people are reacting to your schemes. When you have the right information, you can focus on improving everything that needs to be worked on.

Moreover, survey forms can easily come in the form of brochures and postcards that you send out as direct mail. Hit two birds with one stone by announcing your latest offers while the postcard solicits for information.

The card itself may be a reply card which they could send back for their orders, inquiries and more. Offering discounts can only sweeten the deal for truly interested clients.

Marketing tools are necessary for your business to grow. Business cards, postcard printing, catalogs, posters, banners and all those contribute to get the word out about your products and services.

As the boss and the leader of a company, spying will actually do you good every once in a while. Sometimes when you are firmly on the top, you won't be able to see things from the consumer's point of view. Your aim is to help them and serve them.

By becoming one of them every once in a while, you will have a complete look at your business from its every angle. Just don't forget to tweak some parts of the structure that needs to be refined.

You must always be ready to bend and adjust how you work your way around the biz to give way to your clients' comfort and satisfaction. Proceed with having your business cards, postcard printing and other marketing tools be given to your target market. And always be open to changes that you may gather once you start spying up on your own business.

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