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3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, FL (PressExposure) May 12, 2009 -- Some of us know that getting married is one of the most memorable moment of our lives. For most people, it only happens once in a lifetime, which is why couples do their very best to make that one moment memorable. Other than the wedding dress or the tuxedo, couples should also make time in choosing the one thing that they'll wear for the rest of their married lives, their wedding rings. Though any kind of ring could be used as a wedding ring, it is important to take note that wedding rings aren't just any kind of jewelry. They are symbols of everlasting relationships between two people. So before going out and buying a wedding ring, here are some details you shouldn't forget.

Budget The most important part of buying a wedding ring is the budget. It is believed by some analysts that 3% of the total wedding budget goes to wedding rings. So if your budget is around $20,000, them $600 of that budget goes to wedding rings.

Matching Wedding Rings Matching wedding rings has been a long tradition for many couples. But today’s trends of weddings gave couples more freedom in choosing their wedding ring. So before buying a wedding ring, consult with each other on how you want your wedding rings to be. Matching or not?

Materials Other than wedding rings being the symbol of the relationship between two people, wedding rings are also vulnerable to scratches and damages. The tradition that wedding rings should be worn all the time makes the ring vulnerable to scratches and damages more than any kind of jewelry. So deciding on the kind of material used for your wedding rings is very important. Here are some of the materials currently used today:

*Gold. A traditional material used for wedding rings. Its luster could last for years which makes it popular as for wedding rings. However, there are several things you should know about gold. When opting for gold, it's best to choose the karat at the minimum, 14k-18k at best. Karats higher than 18k makes the wedding ring softer. Choosing karats lower than 14k will lose some of the quality of the wedding ring.

*Platinum. A popular choice of many couples. Platinum is known for its durability along with its luxurious silvery-white luster. Though its popularity is clearly reflected on its cost, platinum also has its drawbacks. Platinum is usually covered with a thin plating of rhodium which must be reapplied after some years of wear.

*Tungsten. Recently introduced in the market, tungsten wedding bands became very popular for couples. The great thing about tungsten wedding bands is their durability. Highly resistant to scratches and damages, tungsten wedding bands are perfect symbols of marriage. But because of its toughness, repairing it could be impossible.

*White Gold. Popular choices for couples who want to save more on wedding rings yet achieve the same luxurious feel found in platinum. Though considered as the perfect alternative for platinum, a white gold wedding ring has a shorter life span than that of platinum.


Another thing to consider when buying a wedding ring is the style of the wedding ring itself. Take note that wedding rings are always worn, so choose a style that best suits you and your partner.

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