Bel Marra Health Supports A Recent Study That Shows The Symptoms Of Male Menopause May Be Treatable By Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Pine Valley, (PressExposure) June 18, 2012 -- Bel Marra Health, well known for offering high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, supports a recent study that shows the symptoms of menopause may be treatable by testosterone replacement therapy.

According to a recent medical report published in Swiss Medical Weekly, the symptoms of male menopause may be treatable by testosterone replacement therapy, or the administration of testosterone to correct the damage caused by its decreased levels during aging.

The report discussed that introduction of testosterone during male menopause may restore muscle mass that possibly increases stamina among the male patients, allowing them to continue on with their lives even during the later adult years. Although the results of clinical trials show conflicting reports on its actual effect on male stamina during sexual activities, this therapeutic approach has resulted in the control of weight gain among men.

Anecdotal reports have also been released regarding the risk of testosterone treatment and prostate cancer, yet these need further investigation. For now, it is important for society to understand that yes, men also undergo menopause and that there is a need to find a solution for the changes in stamina and prevent other types of damage that may be caused by lower testosterone levels.

Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health Dr. Victor Marchione says, "Since the term andropause is not extensively recognized by society, a number of myths have emerged about this male aging condition. At the same time, medical researchers have put extra effort into looking at the molecular mechanisms behind different types of damage that may be associated with andropause."

One established fact about andropause involves the decrease in the levels of testosterone in the males as they age. This may start when a male is within his 30s, in which a 10% decrease in testosterone levels is observed. The gradual decrease in testosterone levels continues until age 50, when testosterone levels may be 30% lower.

CEO of Bel Marra Health Jim Chiang says, "This significant decrease in testosterone levels have been reported to be responsible in causing major changes in the male body, including lowered stamina and possible damage to various systems and organs of the body."

Male menopause is also associated with a loss of stamina for sexual activity, including poor erection and damage to the capacity for ejaculation. Aging among males can thus be quite frustrating, especially when their quality of life is affected. There may also be a significant gain in weight among aging males, which in turn may also affect the capacity for movement and decrease in stamina for physical activities.

(SOURCE: "Swiss Medical Weekly." Testosterone treatment in the aging male: myth or reality? March 19, 2012)

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