Ben Roethlisberger Accused of Sexual Assault - Astrological Land Mines

Prescott, AZ (PressExposure) July 23, 2009 -- Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault against a Lake Tahoe hotel employee and the news lines are burning up with speculation!

Born March 3, 1982 Big Ben has many important Life's Work lessons to learn and this accusation may turn out to be his blessing in disguise. If he did it, it's time to be honest and get his Life's Work back on track. If he did it, these personality defects are proven astrologically. With a blueprint for life, coupled with free will, he does not have to go down a sexual assault road, but lets face it, he might have.

SUN PISCES: He must learn to set healthy boundaries for himself and others and come out of denial. This will probably come about as the result of victimization, both to himself and others. Did the woman lie, thus victimizing him? Did she tell the truth, thus pointing out that he is a victimizer? It will be interesting to see which of his major life lessons will be brought into the light. He should have come to me a long time ago for natal chart advice.

MOON GEMINI: For a Pisces, he's so out of touch with his feelings. If you were to ask him how he "feels" he'd probably tell you what he "thinks." He see women and especially his mother as 2-faced and cannot trust what they say. With that attitude he could well have performed a sexual assault. Also with this attitude he has a large mistrust of smart women.

MERCURY AQUARIUS: He claims to tell the truth, but that Pisces evasiveness can confuse him. He can lie by omission. Once he makes up his mind, there is no swaying him. Even if it's a lie, he can believe it's the truth. He longs for the truth and being honest is part of his Life's Work, but it may take a crisis (Pisces) to come out of the fog and into the light.

VENUS AQUARIUS: He abhors, what he thinks, are dumb women. Because we relate to relationships based on how we were raised, I would venture to guess Ben grew up around contempt for anything less that the brightest and best. Because of his fame, he could have any woman he wanted. If he did abuse the hotel employee, chances are good that contempt was behind it.

MARS LIBRA: This is an awful personality placement. Mars in Libra people argue with their romantic partners and take out their anger on those they find sexually appealing. However, rape is not about sex, it's about anger. So, absolutely, this man is capable of sexual assault. He also has anger toward the legal system. Woh, here he goes, right into the middle of it! I told you this article would be controversial.

JUPITER SCORPIO: Sex will always be a big issue in his life. People with this placement can have sexual addictions, controlling and manipulative behaviors and even find that sex has become their God. Big life lesson - Sex is not love. Much like the old Marvin Gaye song, Ben will need to go through a sexual healing. This placement does not bode well for innocence, unless he's got a lot of self control & healthy boundaries.

SATURN LIBRA: Part of his Life's Work is to learn all about relationships, especially committed, long term relationships. This shows quite a dichotomy in his personality because Sun in Pisces people are usually quiet and retiring, but with Saturn in Libra he wants to be the boss and decision maker with his partner. His accuser says she told him no, but he ignored her plea.

URANUS SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is where Ben gets his athletic ability. Because it is coupled with Uranus, which means "something unusual," I wonder if he is a steroid user? We all know the abusive affect illegal drugs can have on a person's personality. I don't know that he was using them, but I wonder, because of the assault accusations against him.

NEPTUNE SAGITTARIUS: This placement could also indicate drug use for athletic enhancement. Hmm...He has the propensity, but did he use the drugs? If he did use steroids, that would explain the sideways results of assaulting the woman. If Ben Roethlisberger had come to me before this mess hit, I would have warned him about this danger. If you've got Neptune in Sagittarius, or you know someone with this placement, use caution and do the right thing.

PLUTO LIBRA: Alright, I'm just going to say it...this placement gives the propensity toward severe abuse and even death toward one's partner. Hey, not everyone with Pluto in Libra is going to go down this path, but it is a choice to be avoided. I hope to God that Ben gets help, if he's guilty, before it escalates into life and death. Listen, this guy has Pluto, Saturn & Mars in Libra. Holy smokes, this is the energy of abuse just waiting to happen and with Sun in Pisces, it could be a huge secret.

If he is guilty of the accusations then he will have to learn that contempt, denial, brutality and confusion have got to be healed and he must get back on the right track. If he is not guilty, then he must learn about victimization and will probably be best suited to help other victims as a part of his Life's Work. Many pro football players donate their time to worthy causes during their off season. This may be Roethlisberger's chance to complete his Life's Work in a positive and healthy way. He, like all of us, will have many opportunities to live a good life, but he gets to choose the paths and results he gets. If he chooses to ignore an important life lesson, it will come up again and be even more severe. Learn it and be happy, or ignore it and be haunted by it. Life is like that. What do you think about Pisces life lessons? Where is Pisces found in your natal chart? What warnings do you need to be aware of so that you don't stray off the path of your destiny? If Ben Roethlisberger is guilty, he's made some serious & wrong choices. You don't have to fall into this type of trap. Everyone can benefit from astrological counsel. It's time to identify your personal land mines.

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