Benefits Of Owning a Condo Unit

Cebu City, Philippines (PressExposure) August 07, 2009 -- Looking to buy some philippines properties for sale ? Well what kind of properties are you looking for? Would it be a condo unit or a nice decent house? Well this kind of question has been asked for many times, which is the best, owning a condo unit or a house? Many have said that owning your own house is very beneficial, especially for a growing family. But there are also benefits people could take advantage in owning a condo unit. So before looking to buy some philippines properties for sale , such as a house, let me give you some important benefits of owning a condo unit.

Benefits of owning a Condo Unit

Usually, a condo unit are found in business districts, particularly in Makati city in which many of the city's employees, managers, or supervisors live. Other condo units are also found on the outskirts, away from busy districts. Here are some of the benefits of owning a condo unit.


One advantage is it's maintainability. Being small or average sized, a person could easily maintain his or her condo unit, such as cleaning. This also serves advantageous for people being too busy to do house work. Another is that monthly payments are sometimes used to maintain the outside of the condo unit, such as cleaning the drive ways or the stairways.


Unlike buying your own house, condo units are much affordable, making them an excellent fit for individuals who want to lower or limit their housing costs. philippines properties for sale such as a house would usually cost around 1 million to 2 million Philippine pesos, whereas a condo unit would usually cost 500,000 to 1 million Philippine Pesos, which is sometimes can be paid in installment.

Lower Taxes

Property taxes are directly correlated to purchase price, which means condo owners usually have a lower tax burden than owners of detached homes. Since property taxes are a recurring expense, the savings can amount to a sizable chunk of change over the years.


Like I said, some condos are made near business districts. Being near such places allows people to avoid rush-hours, especially for people working around the clock. Having a condo unit near these places could prove very beneficial for a person.

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