Benefits of Meditation

Golden, CO (PressExposure) August 29, 2006 -- The benefits of a good meditation practice are many and well documented over the last several thousand years. Since this book is an introduction I'm only going to illustrate a few of the simpler, more common benefits. I want to stress however, that there are many more benefits than just these.

Balance - One of the interesting benefits of meditation is increased balance. I don't only mean your ability to stand for extreme lengths of time on one foot, although that certainly applies.

Balance, as a concept, refers to every part of life. Through meditation we become more physically balanced, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. Through the increased self-awareness that we then gain we also begin to become more balanced in life, love and financial issues, just to name a few. With more training and experience we begin to free ourselves of emotional attachments and begin to take a balanced look at the world and the socio-economic-political issues as well.

Health - The health benefits of meditation are astounding. The simple act of breathing properly in meditation (and the rest of the time, once you develop the habit) massages and relaxes our muscles and organs. This causes the chi to flow more easily through our body, cleansing and rejuvenating it. At deeper levels we can use meditation to focus more energy on specific organs or muscles to help cleanse them of disease and stress. Over a period of time the incremental effects will amount to vastly improved health and longevity.

Mind/Body connection - One of the interesting, and really fun (usually) benefits of a good practice is the increased Mind/Body connection. As we begin cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenating the body we become aware that we can feel and sense our mental abilities much more easily. Our reaction times decrease and our speed increases as we reduce the resistance that our chi encounters as it flows through us.

Increased abilities - As a continuation of the increased Mind/Body connection, we also discover that we begin to develop the ability to move and direct the energies around us. By the end of this book, the average person who puts in an average amount of effort should be able to influence the energies and flows they encounter and use them for their benefit and to help others. They should find that they have an increased ability to manifest the resources they need to travel down whatever life path they've chosen. They should also be experiencing a deeper connection to the universe and their own spirituality.

Take your time as you explore these connections to your self and the universe and see what benefits manifest in your life. © 2006 Robert Morgen

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“Benefits of Meditation” is an excerpt from Robert Morgen’s new book “Easy Meditation for Martial Artists” (ISBN: 0-9773801-3-0) which will be available in October, 2006. His book “Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery” (ISBN: 0-9773801-0-6) is currently available at a bookstore near you.

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