Best Baby Monitor by Angelcare Monitor May Sell Out Before Next Shipment Arrives In Port

Salt Lake City, UT (PressExposure) May 04, 2011 -- Though the new Angelcare Monitor AC1100 is arguably the best baby monitor ever available to consumers, it's now experiencing a second delay.

When the recent Tsunami hit the shores of Japan, it had a rippling effect not only from the shock and awe from those video monitors or cell phones that were capturing its devastating effects, it also had a rippling effect on world trade. Not only were thousands of lives lost, but also commerce including eCommerce suffered as well. is one of the largest online eCommerce stores offering discounted prices on high quality baby monitors. Though they offer a large selection of digital and infant video monitors, they also offer a full line from Angelcare Monitors who have specialized in the manufacture of breathing monitors for babies.

Yet, the best baby monitor (Angelcare Monitor AC1100) has yet to arrive in the United States due to Japan's natural disaster and the bottle-necking affect now experiencing in China by the then delayed manufacturing of parts in Japan, now completed and rushing to and fro China's ports.

While other companies like Mobicam, Safety 1st and Graco with their newer Graco iMonitor seemed to have rushed into production of supplying video monitors for babies, they now seem a bit out of steam with minimal fan-fare due to less than expected quality issues.

Meanwhile, Angelcare Monitor stayed focused on perfecting their baby movement sensor pads which help monitor your baby's breathing in hopes to avoid sids (sudden infant death syndrome).

Of course your baby's breathing is ultimately more important than a visual monitoring of your baby, and this is why Angelcare stayed focused on these movement sensor pads which you place under your baby's crib and in turn sound an alarm at the parents unit if no movement is detected for any 20 second period.

However, now after various good and bad video monitors available for consumers for the past few years, Angelcare Monitor has developed the best features and options into their own video monitor bundled with their high quality sound and movement monitor which they now call the Angelcare AC1100.

And thus, now called by many within the baby monitor review sites and by some of harshest critics as being truly the best baby monitor available today.

Not surprising that with such a high quality product experiencing a delayed delivery, that a number of Angelcare Monitor AC1100 were noticed on Ebay selling for $339 and $359, well above the retail price of $289 set by Angelcare Monitor.

In the meantime, has been pre-selling Angelcare's best baby monitor at a $40 discount. Joe Mackey, spokesman for stated "... it's more important to build loyalty with customers and offer them a discount at a time of need, then to jab them with price hikes during this temporary shortage, thus making more hype out of this than just a delay in shipping."

He went on to say "... we are in this for the long haul and want to build loyalty with our customers providing them a place to turn to for high quality baby products at a great price too."

Though an exact date of the Angelcare Monitor AC1100 arrival is not absolute, the best baby monitor will soon make it's mark most likely by early June 2011.

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