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Chicago, Iiiinois (PressExposure) August 20, 2008 -- When it comes to moderate or severe knee instability, or for those of us that are high-performance athletes looking to help protect our knee, the only knee brace you need is the DonJoy Legend. DonJoy has recently changed the name of the Legend to the "SE 4-point" to illustrate its patented 4-point stability mechanism. This custom-fit knee brace has proven to be superior by other knee brace specialists testing procedures. The DonJoy Legend Knee brace is designed to provide stability for moderate to severe ACL,MCL, PCL, and LCL instabilities. You could be moving again with confidence, with the support that this knee brace provides, if you have injured one or more of these ligaments! How could that benefit your life? For the better maybe?

The DonJoy Legend knee brace (aka the SE 4-point) is a well designed knee brace that has unparalleled strength for athletes in high energy contact sports, such as motocross or football. It is absolutely possible to use this knee brace in more than these sports too! Not only is it a durable knee brace, it has a low profile, water resistant design that contours closely to your leg. This knee brace is built for speed and agility, which is a bonus when you do not want to slow you down. The DonJoy Legend has a unique outer covering that is "chip" resistant. This feature makes the DonJoy Legend knee brace more safe for salt and fresh water sporting activities.

Research on the Legend knee brace, in a recent study published by the American Journal of Sports Medicine (1) has documented the efficacy of the DonJoy Legend for people with ACL injuries. Eleven people had a special trasnducer implanted into their ACL (not recommended for our readers necessarily...) at the time of surgery. The ligament strain was tested both with the knee brace donned and with it taken off. The authors of this study reported that the knee brace significanly decreased anterior shear loads up to 130N. These anterior shear loads are the primary loads that will cause a feeling of instability for people with ACL tears. Not only was anterior shear load decreased, but the internal torque strain of the tibia (twisting moments at the knee) was significanly decreased as well.

As a result, the reseachers concluded that the DonJoy Legend knee brace significanly lowers the strain on your ACL, which is useful for those people that have had their knee reconstructed and need stability when they return to sports.

(1) Reference: Fleming BC, Renstrom PA, et al. "Influence of Functional Knee Bracing on ACL Strain Biomechanics." American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 28, No 6: 815-824, 2000.

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