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Chandigarh, India (PressExposure) April 06, 2009 -- If you happen to like some particular electronic item which is geeky and stylish, you might wonder going for something which has the functions of a wrist watch cell phone. Many companies out there are thinking of getting you wrist watch models which can be talked into. So one can understand that the days of James Bond's gadgets are nearly over, when only Q could design a wrist watch in which the hero could talk into when he was in trouble and ask for help. The choice of the best wrist watch cell phone in the market today took the word by storm, the moment Bill Gates inaugurated a wrist watch which was voice-activated and could send email when necessary. Since then, everybody was on the lookout for this technology to be modified into computer, cell phone, GPS, PDA or any other combination wrist watch.

Ask anybody out there if he is going to like to invest some money in buying something like this and the answer is an emphatic yes. Not only is this device going to be lightweight, but it is going to be an all in one device. You can carry your complete, information technology system with you strapped up on your wrist. Many people have stopped wearing their wrist watches because their cell phones have a function in which it displays the time the moment you open up your cell phone to make a call. So why would a person want to carry two of these devices around. On the other hand, if the cell phone has the capacity of doing the work of a wrist watch as well as a cell phone in the shape of a wrist watches cell phone, there you are, and half of your work is done. Let us accept the fact that with the shrinking terminology affecting the world today there is going to be a time when one is soon going to strap of his wrist watch cell phone first thing in the morning or the moment he gets ready to go to the office because that is the only thing connecting him to the outer world of communication.

One has to look out for the options of Rolex Rado or Casio Patek Philippe or Tag Hauer, making wrist watches, which also happen to be minicomputers operating with the help of solar microchips. The demand of the time is more efficient, tinier, more technologically developed and that is why they will have to adapt to what is the latest demand of the consumers. And then they should know that this is the product, which is going to make a buzz in the will of technological development, because every single person is going to buy the best wrist watch cell phone out there as soon as it is in the market. One should not be surprised if Nokia and Motorola will launch such products in market any time.

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