Big Bang, Age of Universe, 13.7 Billion Years - But Einstein's Time-Dilation Law Says Six Days (As in Bible)?

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- The "hip" yet intellectual New Yorker magazine's "Talk of the Town" a few years ago, featured an article called "Mired", subtly titled to be a commentary re Creationism - denigrated as the "mud theory". Ostensibly a comparison between Darwin-Evolutionism and Intelligent Design (Creationism in disguise, per critics), one of the points made was, "I.D. recognizes that the age of the universe is measured in billions, not thousands of years." And billions of years is what the most educated in our culture know; they've also heard of the Big Bang, the start of everything, when all the "matter" comprising our entire universe was created, supposedly converted from a tremendous burst of energy (source unknown). Conventional wisdom then goes: a spark of lightning struck a pool of inanimate pre-biotic "soup" on newly formed Earth, creating a primitive form of life - then, during billions of years, Darwinian theory takes over, mutations in DNA splitting and reproducing causing variously configured and types of organisms to develop - the competition for life gradually causing evolution into all of the creatures known on Earth.

This "billions of years" factor (13.7 billion for the Big Bang and Universe; four billion for Earth) is known by most educated leaders of society, and is readily accepted as palpable evidence for dismissing the Bible as probably only myth. However, Albert Einstein, perhaps the greatest "thinker" in history, concluded that "time" (actually the "passage" of time) is not a constant, but is "relative" between places: dependent upon the local parameters of gravity field and speed of travel. World-class cosmologists, have now calculated the passage of "cosmic" time in the expanding universe after the Big Bang, and its equivalence to our 13.7 billion "Earth-years". Comparisons between Cosmic and Bible days are fascinating to 21st century realists; there are also some humorous insights as to what Einstein's equations say happens on cross-country airplane flights, and to an astronaut on the moon.

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Aaron Kolom, with over fifty years experience in aerospace engineering, offers solid fact and logic to refute the current conventional wisdoms, arguing “From Darwin-Evolutionism to Intelligent Design – Inevitably!” . Twenty of his articles were accepted by Ezine in the past ten weeks, subject data taken mostly from his recent book, “Brain-Washed* and Miracles**.” The material is science-based, not faith-based, using historical artifacts and probabilistic reasoning.

Kolom was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for his work on the Space Shuttle program in 1982. A.L.Kolom & Assoc. Inc. was established while doing Aerospace Structures Consulting for Industry and the US Government.

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